I am writing on behalf of a couple of friend's of my wife who are located in China.

These ladies have been writing to some Canadian gentlemen for six months to a year and the gentlemen said that they should come to Canada to meet to see if there is chemistry. The ladies have good jobs in China and the gentlemen have good jobs here.

The ladies response was that the Canadian government has a policy which does not allow for this kind of visit no matter if she is sponsored by the potential spouse, if he has enough money or if he offers his guarantee that the lady goes back when her visa expires.

A few gentleman have written back saying that they know ladies who have been allowed into Canada for just this purpose and in fact the CIC website visitor visa booklet does not say anything about disallowing visits to family or friends. However even my wife has applied for her nephew to come to Canada for a visit yet she was refused by the Canadian Embassy in Beijing.

The Embassy usually directs all questions to the CIC web site but the web site seems to say it is possible yet from experience it doesn't seem to be the case.

So my simple question is: Can a lady from China visit a possible candidate for marriage in Canada is sponsored by him or by a Canadian friend? I realize the possibility of abuse. So perhaps it depends just on the judgment of the Visa officer?

Thank you sincerely,