Parents Best Parents in the World

So I would just like to discuss why I believe my parents are the best parents in the world. First off, they have both been to many nations, Africa, Asia, Turkey, Europe, England, America, South America, Hong Kong.

Also with my father he worked as a classification peace officer for the Canadian government in B.C where his partner was killed in 1975 at B.C Penn in a riot, unknown if it was by cops, or by inmates.

My father then worked elsewhere in the government under the conservative government of Mulroney and while we were living in Ottawa he presented the evidence of corruption to the media and was blackballed. However, he received a large settlement, the largest settlement to pass through the government, it had to be discussed in Parliment in 1988 or 1989.

My father then worked as a social worker in Newfoundland for the provincial government and he made an assessment that the provincial standard for youth offenders was inadequate and someone was going to die, and two months after he was dismissed a kid he had worked months with, killed himself and the scandal resulted in the government in charge falling.

And now my dad is retired.

But things he could have done was

- He was offered a position as a Hong Kong Cop.

- He applied and past tests twice for the military but left quickly after two deaths at training camp.

- He wanted to join the peace corps.

- He was a subscriber to Pravda.

My mom has also done alot of things, and presents her own knowledge, like she has met Ken Dryden, and Paul Martin and Lucien Bouchard and Gilles Duceppe as she worked at a law firm.

And because I want to be a U.N peacekeeper, and they are really nervous about Afghanistan. We get into arguments about if something will happen to me and they say they will not loose me or my sister to some 'foreign' cause.

And I didn't really understand why they were complaining about my wants to be a peacekeeper, but then my mom explained that my father and her get angry when I want to be a peacekeeper because she said, they wouldn't be able to survive if something happened to me or my sister, if we were killed or something.

So that is why I think my parents are the best, so do you think your parents are the best parents in the world??
Aww thats really lovely. I'm sure they'd be very proud to hear you say such lovely things about them Jers.

Yeah, I do think my parents are the best parents in the world FOR ME!

First off, they sent me to a very good private school, the most expensive one in Sydney actually! Nicole Kidman wanted to send her daughter there but she was turned away because the headmistress didnt want to attract media attention. My parents by no means could afford this kind of education but they made a lot of sacrifices to give me what they considered to be the best education possible.

They've constantly supported every decision I've made even when they knew it was the wrong one. And they never say "I told you so."

They understand that I have the travel bug big time and they dont take it personally when I want to take off again! They know I'm never 'leaving them.' They let me go on exchange to France when I was 16 and they kept those emails and phone calls coming when homesickness set in.

Even though they gave me such a good education, they never pushed me to be a lwayer or a doctor or something else I never wanted to be. They just want me to enjoy life and my career.

Haha, thats about it. Gorgeous thread Jersay! Keep your posts coming everyone!
That is a great story glossprincess. And I am glad that for you your parents are the greatest.

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