Has anyone been to..........

Just asking has anyone visited The Pas in Manitoba ? I was born there and like to hear any info about it.
Nope ... never been but it looks incredibly interesting!

Are you Native? I noticed on that page that there is a strong Native influence ... and some awesome logos!! (I'm a graphic designer, I notice these things.)

Anyone ever been to Invermere, BC? Or Radium Hot Springs, BC? That's my hometown. Yi. *cue in music from Deliverance*

Note: I think I might have turned this into a "where's your home town" kinda thread. Good idea for a thread, tho ... get to know where all these reprobates spent their formative years.
I have been there and studied it in History because of that murder up there and how it was covered up by the locals for a long time. The one that they have made the movie about, I forget the name. And I know an RCMP officer that worked there in that time period, well my parents know him.
No Cosmo, my parents were Irish, they emigrated to The Pas in 1952. My sister was 6 months old when they arrived. I was born in The Pas in 1955. A brother was born in 1957. When I was eight Mum and Dad went back to Ireland where another brother was born. I was brought up in Dublin Ireland. I married and Irish bloke, had my first baby there and moved to England, I have lived in England for 31 years. For the last two years I have been trying to gather info about my birth place. I have snippets here and there but just relish in the fact of anyone knowing anything about The Pas. Thanks for the link. I have two daughter's who are in the Arts. The oldest has a Masters Degree in Design. My youngest is just finishing her 3rd and last year in Uni. She has taken Fine Art as her subject.

Ohhh by being native, do you mean actually born there.? Please excuse me.
Jersay, I read about that murder some time ago, an awful thing to happen. How long did you study there for ?
Oooh! An Irish accent!! Damn this typing anyway. I love accents.

I just did a Yahoo search for The Pas and there were a ton of hits ... Google or Yahoo it and you'll get all the info you could want!

Welcome to the forum, btw ... so nice to have folks from around the planet here!!
I have never lost my Irish accent, still a Dublin woman. I go over to Dublin as often as I can. I was there in Feb. The youngest in the family was 40 ! It is only a 50 min flight time to get there.
About three months. It seems like an okay town. Kind of boring after a while??
I know it is still only a small Town. A bit far North for many to want to live there. I do remember the freezing cold winters, and of course the very hot summers. not a bit like that here in Englnad (or Ireland). Rainy England as it is known by *S*

Saying that, the lakes and scenery are breathtaking, my father caught many a fish in the lakes, the Trappers festival was a hugh event.