Ghostly goings on at Cardiff bar

Apr 19 2006

Spirits of a different kind are making their presence felt at one of Cardiff's newest bars.

Since it opened in February this year, staff at Que Pasa in Trinity Street, have become convinced that at least three ghosts are roaming the building.

Said manager Jamie Pike: 'At first I was highly sceptical but so many things have been happening that defy explanation that I'm now convinced we're sharing the building.'

Most recently, staff relaxing after a busy shift were shocked when a bottle of champagne was thrown off the counter and smashed on the floor. Other incidences have included the mysterious vanishing of a till network cable and glasses being moved around the bar.

Said Jamie: 'Often out of the corner of your eye you'll see a movement or a misty shape reflected in the mirror yet when you turn round there's no-one there. And the other day a member of staff went to serve someone standing at the end of the bar only to find it empty when she got there.'

The most frequent spectre, whom staff have nicknamed Dave, spends most of his time at the top of the stairs and is believed to be causing the most mischief. A second phantom has made its presence known by the fruit machine and a third arrives every so often to roam up and down the fire escape.

'We know the building used to be an old library but apparently during the war it was used as a hospital,' said Jamie. 'A graveyard backs directly onto us at and there used to be a women's prison nearby, so whether any of this has any bearing on our visitors I don't know.

'What I am sure of is that there have been some very unusual goings on since we opened that really can't simply be put down to chance or coincidence. There is definitely something out there and I'd be interested if anyone could enlighten us further.'