Amazing story in the Bible and the Quran

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It is the story of Balaam son of Beor; this worshiper who deteriorated and declined to become a disobedient of God, after worshiping God for 1000 months (which may equal about 80 years).

He was in the land of Moab, in the time of Prophet Joshua.
It is mentioned in the Quran as a parable and example to the Jews at the time of Prophet Mohammed .. this parable extends till the present time.

Just now, I have understood the implication of this parable, after reading the Quran interpretation carefully.

The parable of the dog which keeps barking at you whether you attack so as to beat it, or you leave it.

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So as I said: It is only just now, I have understood the implication of this great parable in the Quran about Balaam son of Beor, which God - be glorified - gave as a parable about the Jews in the time of Prophet Mohammed, who opposed him instead of supporting him, in spite of that he confirmed their prophets, and their book, and in spite of that he fought the idolatry and paganism, and although he did not started any hurt or offense to them.

This parable has been applied practically with the Zionists and their opposing me when I cite any part of the Quran or the Islam religion, whether the topic concerns them or not; in either case they bark at me.

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Quran 7: 175-176, which mean:
(175. And recite to the [Jews] a the story of [Balaam] to whom We gave Our signs, but he was stripped off them b , and Satan pursued him c , so he became one of those who beguile. d

176. Had We pleased We would have raised him up [to Paradise] e because of that [: his piety and worship]; but he inclined to [stay on] the earth f , and followed his [own vain] desires g.

Therefore, his likeness h was as the likeness of a dog, which if you attack i , it barks, and it barks [too] if you leave it be.

Such is the likeness of those who disbelieve in Our signs [of revelation. j ]
So relate [these] stories that they may reflect k .

177. Evil as an example [are Jews and their following the example of Balaam, and evil as an example also were] the people [before them] who denied Our revelations, and in fact they used to wrong their own souls. l)

Nassir, you are a banned member and a liar. It's a shame I didn't get to Damascus this trip.
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More explanation of these Quran ayat:

It means: O Mohammed, recite to the Jews the story of the past men written in their Torah, in order that they may reason and take the lesson and be not like them so they will lose; one of such stories is the story of Balaam, son of Beor.

He was a scholar, and worshiper whose prayer was answered whenever he prayed; he was in the time of Joshua.

The story of Balaam is written in the Book of Numbers, chapter 22.

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So Balaam preferred the staying on earth to the going up to heaven, and preferred the temporary money to the ever-lasting prosperity in heaven because of his disobedience.

His soul deceived him to invoke destruction for the Children of Israel, in spite of that they did not hurt him neither did they speak against him any bad words.

So likewise, you Jews, started to hurt and oppose Mohammed, in spite of that he did not hurt you with anything, but he in fact believed your Book and confirmed your religion.
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Notice that I'm the only one who bothers with you. I know your people. They will continue to suffer because of your foolishness.

You are your own worst enemy, foolish old man. Age is supposed to bring wisdom, but it failed with you.

You will die alone and begging for a ghost to save you.
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The story of Balaam in summary as written in the Book of Numbers, chapter 22:

"When the Israelites set forth aiming at Jordan, Balak son of Zippor king of Moab gathered the chiefs of Midian and said to them: "The Israelites have come to our home, and will not leave for us any food or drink because of their large number so we will die from starvation. Therefore, go to Balaam, speak to him and bring him to invoke evil and curse the Israelites, in order that we may defeat them and they may return back and leave our country."

He also sent with them gifts and presents to him.

So they went to Balaam and spoke to him about that and presented to him the gifts.

Balaam said: "Pass this night here, till I should see what I shall do."

So God revealed to him in the dream during sleep: Don't do that and never invoke evil on the Israelites.

Therefore, next morning he said to them: "I will not go with you, because God forbade me from that."

So they started to beg him and said to him: "Go with us to Midian to the king, and there if you like to pray or not; it will be up to you."

And he went with them on his female mule which stopped moving in the middle of their journey, so he beat it but it did not move, and he shouted to it but it stood still there, therefore, he dismounted it and started to beat it severely, and it spoke by God's might and said: "There is an angel before me who forbids me from moving, while you order me to move!"

Therefore, he left it and moved along with them until they reached to King Balak who welcomed and honored him and asked him to invoke destruction for the Israelites.

Balaam said: "I shall not do this, because God forbade me in the dream."

The king said: "It may be a false dream."

And he started to beg him and give him the presents and the money until he seduced him.

So they climbed a mountain, gave sacrifices to God, and Balaam prayed, but his tongue started to pray evil and curse on the people of the king, because he could not control his tongue. The king cried and clapped his hands and said: "What are you doing? And what are you saying? You have prayed evil on us and have cursed us."

Balaam said: "Didn't I tell you that I cannot do anything according to my will? Because God – be glorified – took away my control on my tongue which uttered words out of my will."
The king said: "What shall we do now?"

Balaam said: "Let us go to another mountain and sacrifice to God, and I will pray God once again." So he did as such, and also he did not succeed in that, but his tongue started also to invoke evil on the people of the king and curse them, and to praise the Israelites and bless them.
The king cried, smote his face, tore his garments and said: "What have you done? You have destroyed and cursed us!"
Balaam said: "Let us go to a third mountain." So they went, and he also invoked evil on the people of the king.

Then when Balaam saw that his plan did not succeed, he thought of another plan, and he said to King Balak: "Bring your beautiful women and let them carry dishes of fruits and go to the Israelites to sell them fruits; and if anyone of the Israelites wants to contact any woman sexually, then let her not refuse, so if one of them commits adultery, then God – be glorified – will send down on them the plague and they will perish."

Therefore, they did that, and their design succeeded.

So this is the meaning of (so he became one of those who beguile); it means: after being pious forbidding the indecency, he became disobedient and a deceiver and he started to enjoin indecency.

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The implication of this parable:
O Jews, don't be like Balaam so you deceive people and bar them from believing in a prophet [Mohammed] who invites them to worship God alone and forbids them from worshiping the idols.
Allah denied you children and took your wife away. You are the evil of Islam.

Allah punishes you and nothing you can do will change your trip to hell, idolator.
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I did not understand the implication of this parable in the Quran, till an hour ago, when I studied the interpretation of these ayat.

So these Zionists will keep barking whether the topic concerns them or not; in either case they will bark.
You are a pariah. You are desperate to enter heaven but Allah has barred your way.

Your seed cannot germinate. You are truly being punished.

Should we talk about the hospital, idolater?
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The parable of Balaam and King Balaq:

Quran 59: 16-17, which mean:

[God – be glorified – gave a parable about the hypocrites who covenanted to help and support the Jews -- against Prophet Mohammed and the believers -- , but they broke their covenant, and He said:]

(16. Like the devil m when he said to man n : "Be ungrateful [to the grace of your Lord! o ]"

Then when [Balaam] became a disbeliever
p , [King Balaq] said: "I am quit of you q ; for surely I fear [that] God, the Lord of the worlds [may punish me r .]"

17. So their end is, both [the king and Balaam] are in the Fire, therein dwelling forever; such is the rewarding of wrong-doers s .)

.................................................. .........

16 m i.e. their likeness is like Balaq son of Zippor, the king of Moab, who was a human devil; he deceived Balaam son of Beor, the worshipper.

16 n Balaam son of Beor, the worshipper.

16 o And pray God for destruction of the Children of Israel.

It means: He invited him to an act including the disobedience of God’s command, then when he obeyed the command of the king and disobeyed the command of God, he became a disbeliever and ungrateful.

16 p And the Children of Israel came to fight them and defeat them, Balaam came to the king seeking about his protection and to rescue him from the Children of Israel and save him from the killing.

16 q Because you did not avert the might of the Children of Israel from me, neither did you guide me to the right and to the submission to them and to make peace with them; so that we might have been safe of the killing in the life of the World and from the punishment in the Next Life, had you guided me to the monotheism and to worship God alone.

16 r On account of what I did.

Afterwards, the Children of Israel captured and killed them both.

17 s Who wrong and deceive people with their lies and deception, and who lead them to destruction.

================================================== =====

The story of Balaam is cited also in another aya of the Quran 97: 1-3, which mean:

(1. Surely We revealed it on the ‘Grand Night’ a.

2. But can you imagine what the ‘Grand Night’ is? b

3. [To worship God on] the ‘Grand Night’ c is better than [Balaam's d worshiping of God that lasted] one thousand months [then he disobeyed Him. ])
.................................................. .......................

1 a Which is the 27th Night of the lunar month of Ramadan.
The meaning: Its revelation was commenced in the ‘Grand Night’.

2 b This is to point out to its high value.

3 c i.e. to keep vigil on this night for worshipping God, for prayers and glorification of God is better than the worship of a worshipper who worshipped God for one thousand months then he disobeyed Him; this worshipper was Balaam, son of Beor.

3 d He was Balaam, the son of Beor. [Refer also to our interpretation of the Quran 7: 175-177 and 59: 16.]

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Moreover, the mule of Balaam which spoke, by God's might, is cited in the Quran 27: 82, which means:

(And when the word [of punishment] was pronounced against them a , We brought for them a beast from the earth, which spoke to them that people had not believed [before] in Our signs. b)
.................................................. ...............

82 a i.e. the associaters: the companions of King Balak, to leave Balaam be and do not task him to pray against the Children of Israel, but they did not leave him be, but insisted on him to go with them, and so he went with them.

And then We brought for them a beast from the earth, i.e. from the land of Pethor, in order that Balaam ride on it and go to Midian to King Balak. But midway the beast spoke and started to talk to them and prevent Balaam from going with them. But neither did Balaam act according to its words, nor did the companions of Balak refrained from their demand, until they reached Midian and met King Balak, and Balaam complied with the words of King Balak.

82 b Even if they see such signs with their own eyes and hear them with their own ears.


My comment on the story of Balaam and King Balak of Moab:

What made Balaam the worshiper slip from his high rank of worship and that God gave him miraculous signs: whenever he prayed, God answered his prayer, and his tongue was not under his own control, but speaks according to God's will!
Moreover, he worshiped God for tens of years (1000 months), then he fell down with such bad fall!

So he was poor, and all of a sudden, jewels and gold was given to him.. this the deception of wealth! What would he benefit from the money, and he was an old man .. about to die this day or tomorrow?
Or was he afraid of the king of Moab and his men? No, he could have apologized and said: "This is out of my control."

Another point: he might have the grandiose feeling or the Ego: he saw himself that God answered his prayer and he worshiped God for a long time... then all of a sudden Joshua came with his people and they were honored more than he was honored or like his honor!?

Anyhow, he was unlucky, and all his work turn to be in vain, and he lost his reward and went to Hell following his death.

So in this respect, he was similar to Satan, who worshiped God for hundreds of years in his material life of the World, then when he died he became a chief of the angels .. so he had the self-conceit and pride .. and could not imagine that Adam might be honored over him!

Quran 15: 33, which means:
([Iblies] said: "I am not to prostrate myself to a human being whom You create out of a black putrid clay.")
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I have to correct a mistake here: Balaam was in the time of Moses in his lifetime, while Joshua led them to conquer Jericho after Moses death.
Tell us about the murdered ones. A doctor who kills, who does not save. Allah will punish him. He has already denied him children and took his wife, but he is possessed. A jinn follows this doctor, and the doctor continues to serve evil.
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I have to correct a mistake here: Balaam was in the time of Moses in his lifetime, while Joshua led them to conquer Jericho after Moses death.

The meaning of the word Moses has escaped you.

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Moses is my teacher; I should not escape him.

So Balaam and his story was in the lifetime of Moses and was killed by Moses host; he was not in the ruling time of Joshua who succeeded after Moses.

Therefore, Balaam was like Satan in this respect.

Moses was better than Balaam; Balaam should concede to Moses who worshiped God alone without associate, together with the believers among his people.
Adam worshiped God alone, and Satan did not concede to God's command to honor Adam.

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Tell us about the murdered ones. A doctor who kills, who does not save. Allah will punish him. He has already denied him children and took his wife, but he is possessed. A jinn follows this doctor, and the doctor continues to serve evil.

Murphy Turphy Abu Rifle
(or M. T. Abu Rifle)
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Says the liar. Says the man who Allah has denied. You are disgusting. You lie and misrepresent yourself. But Allah knows and has denied you.

Ha, ha! Your jinn torments you. Your god denies you. You are like dry dung in the street. We know where you came from, and where you are going.