‘Harbor hooker’ being booted back to Canada

‘Harbor hooker’ being booted back to Canada
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First posted: Tuesday, April 04, 2017 05:11 PM EDT | Updated: Tuesday, April 04, 2017 05:54 PM EDT
A prostitute who killed a Google exec with an accidental overdose of heroin is being deported back to Canada.
Alix Tichelman, 30, is being detained by U.S. immigration officials after serving her sentence for involuntary manslaughter in the death of Forrest Timothy Hayes, 51.
He was the father of five.
Tichelman - called the Harbor Hooker - was being entertained aboard the Silicon Valley high flier’s yacht, Escape, in Santa Cruz, Calif., in 2013 when she injected Hayes with heroin. When he passed out, she left.
Hayes had hired the Harbor Hooker on a number of occasions. On the night he died, the twosome were doing drugs and having sex.
She was arrested eight months later after being identified on video, finishing her glass of wine before stepping over the high-tech exec’s body. But earlier, she had tried to help the overdosing Hayes.
Tichelman, who holds dual citizenship, was released after serving about half her sentence. She received time off for good behavior.
Her father is a wealthy high-tech executive based in California. Several months before Hayes died, Tichelman’s boyfriend also went to the morgue via a heroin overdose.
In this July 9, 2014 file photo, Alix Tichelman, left, of Folsom, Calif., confers with public defender Diane August during her arraignment in Santa Cruz Superior Court in Santa Cruz, Calif. Santa Cruz sheriff's officials confirmed Monday, April 3, 2017, that they turned over Tichelman to the custody of Department of Homeland Security Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents when she completed her sentence and was released from jail on March 29. (AP/PHOTO)

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Curious Cdn
Why not? There's a vacancy opening up in the Senate, soon.
Build a wall!
She is Canadian. We welcome scum like Omar so why not her?
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Maybe she can apply in one of them sanctuary cities....or are they a sanctuary only for Mexicans and muslims??
If she holds dual citizenship, can she actually be deported?
lone wolf
A hooker who deals in dope.... How's she answer the phone ... "Heads or Tails"?
Killer prostitute being deported to Canada
Convicted of manslaughter after she gave Google executive fatal dose of heroin
First posted: Friday, April 07, 2017 07:57 PM EDT | Updated: Friday, April 07, 2017 08:06 PM EDT
SAN FRANCISCO — U.S. immigration officials said Friday they were deporting a California prostitute to Canada after she completed a jail sentence for involuntary manslaughter for giving a fatal heroin shot to a Google executive she had been entertaining aboard his yacht.
Immigration and Customs Enforcement spokesman James Schwab said a judge ordered Alix Tichelman, 29, deported to Canada because of her felony convictions connected to the accidental overdose death of Forrest Hayes in November 2013. She also pleaded guilty to a felony charge of administering drugs.
Immigration agents arrested her after she finished her jail sentence on March 29.
Schwab declined to disclose Tichelman’s immigration status in the United States or whether she was represented by an immigration attorney.
The San Jose Mercury News reported Wednesday (Alix Tichelman may be deported after Google exec's death) that Tichelman holds a permit to permanently work and live in the United States. The paper reported that Tichelman was raised in Georgia and spent little time in Canada.
Police said a surveillance video at the harbour showed Tichelman at first panicking and trying to revive Hayes. Then it showed her casually step over Hayes’ body, finish a glass of wine and lower a blind before leaving the yacht.
Hayes had hired Tichelman several times previously. They were doing drugs and having sex the night he died, authorities said.
The high-end call girl was arrested eight months after Hayes’ death.
After Tichelman was charged in California, police in Milton, Georgia, took another look at the 2013 overdose death of Tichelman’s former boyfriend Dean Riopelle, 53. He was the owner of a popular Atlanta music venue.
Authorities said a panicked Tichelman had called Milton police, saying Riopelle had overdosed on drugs and wasn’t responding. Tichelman was not charged.
An autopsy report listed Riopelle’s death as an accidental overdose of heroin, oxycodone and alcohol.
In this July 9, 2014 file photo, Alix Tichelman, left, of Folsom, Calif., confers with public defender Diane August during her arraignment in Santa Cruz Superior Court in Santa Cruz, Calif. (AP Photo/Santa Cruz Sentinel, Shmuel Thaler, File)

Killer prostitute being deported to Canada | World | News | Toronto Sun

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