Suspect Who Robbed 2 Stores With Snowbrush On The Loose

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Thunder Bay Police are looking for a snowbrush-wielding suspect who robbed Mac’s Convenience store locations on the city’s north side early Saturday morning.

The first incident occurred at Mac’s Balsam Street location, the second a short time later on Cumberland Street.

On each occasion the suspect entered the store armed with an automotive snowbrush and scraper and demanded the clerk turn over money from the register.

The suspect is described as standing between 5-foot-8 and 5-foot-10, weighing about 170 pounds and was wearing a beige hat, a dark SPY Optics hoodie, dark pants and sunglasses.


Suspect allegedly robs two Macs stores using snowbrush as weapon - Thunder Bay News

Omigawd!! We should ban snowbrush/scapers!!

hahaha Armed and dangerous? Well, he does seem to look like he has arms. Dangerous? To himself, perhaps.
looks like he's going to have a brush with the law.

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