It's nice to see so many Canadians supporting our troops.

Packages for 'any CF member' straining military

Updated Mon. Dec. 18 2006 6:06 PM ET
CTV.ca News Staff
Canadians trying to send care packages to "any Canadian Forces member" overseas are overwhelming the system, prompting a plea for letters only.

"This outpouring of support and generosity is very much appreciated; however, the CF re-supply system cannot handle care packages addressed to "Any CF member" for a variety of reasons, including security and volume," a press release states.

Such parcels are usually sent to through the mission re-supply system, but it prioritizes operational and operational support equipment. Items like donated goods are only shipped when there is room.

Not only is space extremely limited, but the massive amount of packages means the military must devote more time to co-ordinating delivery efforts.

As a solution, the Canadian Forces asks the public to send letters or postcards instead of bulky parcels.

Schools wishing to send several letters and cards can seal them into large envelopes or small packages.

Another alternative is sending a digital thank-you note, using the military's Internet message board found As of early Monday evening, there were 33,956 messages.

One such note included an update on NHL standings, and wished troops well over the holidays.

"Thank you for the sacrifices that you're making in order to help people caught up in the chaos and craziness," the notes reads.

"Hopefully, you will all be home soon with your loved ones. Merry Christmas to you all and stay safe!"

The guidelines are only for parcels sent to unspecified troops, not family and friends corresponding with specific Canadian Forces members.