God is amazing and this falling on my face brought to me something which I believe is vital to the existence of Canada and is likely the only way to stop the North American Union and the Security and Prosperity Partnership Nazi Tide. It is so amazingly simple and obvious. It is like a treasure under a bush. A gift to us all. I walked right by it a hundred times and never saw it, not until I fell. Children who crawl may have seen it and not know its value. Adults who walk by it would not see it. What was needed was for an adult to trip and land on their face right where this treasure was. This is truth that can stop the North American Union and the SPP. It can destroy CODEX and will empower the people of Canada beyond belief and will allow them to live a lives of abundance and peace. I see this truth as a testament to God's glory and is to me clear evidence of an Absolute and Perfect Love. Of course, I do sometimes see funny things. If we apply this information t!
here can be no union and if we don't Canada dies and the cancerous police state that is clearly developing south of us will rapidly invade and engulf and destroy our country. We do have time, but likely not much. Mind you, God can snap His fingers. It is however time I think to stand on guard for thee. Here is what I saw.

1.We know Canada is a corporation registered in the SEC.
2.We know the corporation has stock and we all own a share. The number on the back of our birth Certificates is the tracking number of those securities.
3.The Union being proposed is nothing more then a corporate merger. That is all.
4.Before corporations can merge there must be a vote. Who has the power to vote on that? It is the shareholders.
5.Being an owner of shares is not the same as holding them, as an owner can appoint another to hold and the power to vote is also transferred to the holder.
6.Someone is holding your stock and they have your voting rights.
7.It is these rights they will use to create the merger.
8.They must return it upon your demand under Section 337 and if that Section is not applicable to the stock you own in your country I don't know why it would be there. The right to hold your own stock is absolute. Especially for your own COUNTRY! I wonder if 337 exists almost specifically for this purpose now. It is a piece of a puzzle that fits exactly.
9.According to a maxim, that which ought to be done must be seen as having been done.
10.The moment you demand your stock back, although you may not be technically able to vote until you hold it, they lose the power to vote as well. If they try to delay or refuse, it still doesn't matter as the vote would be invalidated if they frustrated justice by refusing to deliver in a timely manner. It ought to have been done, so it must be seen as having been done. If so they have no voting power and they cannot agree to a merger or Union. It is dead in it's tracks.
11.Here it gets special. Icing on the cake. The dividends of the stock must flow to the holder and once you hold that stock, they come to you.
12.Those dividends are likely enough to meet all your basic human needs and be a vast improvement to a great many who now live below the level their shares generate.
13.Now look, here's a BIG FAT CHERRY right on top. Since the dividends flow to you and not the government, they are weakened considerably and a lot of their revenue which should be yours anyway and which they rely upon for their power and control over you, dries up.

Is that sweet or what? And it is so obvious once you see it. If you want to stop the NUA and SPP and CODEX all you have to do is serve a demand for the return of your stock so you can hold it and then you decide if you want a merger or partnership. I do not know any Canadians who do want such a thing. If allowed to happen we will have armed American soldiers on our street corners in no time and being a Freeman will be quite irrelevant as foreign troops will not care, and bullets don't bounce off you because you are a Freeman.

It's up to you......think free