INDESTRUCTIBLE: Decade-old McDonald's burger, fries still intact
Eddie Chau
November 5, 2019
November 5, 2019 11:39 AM EST
In this photo illustration, a McDonald's cheeseburger and fries are displayed on a table at a McDonald's restaurant on December 8, 2014 in Novato, California.Justin Sullivan / Getty Images
It must be something in the oil.
In 2009, a man from Iceland decided to keep a hamburger and French fries he ordered from a McDonald’s behind a glass case.
Ten years later, the fast food goods remain intact. And despite the packaging looking a little worse for wear, the grub looks edible.
According to the U.K. Sun, Hjortur Smarason decided to buy the hamburger and fries before McDonald’s closed down its three restaurants in Iceland. To preserve his purchases, Smarason decided to put them behind glass.
“I had heard that McDonald’s never decompose so I just wanted to see if it was true or not,” he said.
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A decade later, the food items pretty much look the same, minus some of the packaging fading. The McDonald’s goods are now encased in a glass cabinet and housed at Snorta House, a hostel located in southern Iceland.
People can even watch a livestream of the burger and fries online.
Snorta House owner Siggi Sigurdur told BBC News the well-preserved McDonald’s food “makes you think about what you’re eating.
“There is no mould, it’s only the paper wrapping that looks old.”
Sigurdur said visitors from around the world come to the hostel to see the food.
While it’s behind glass now, that hasn’t always been the case.
Smarason reportedly first kept the goods in a plastic bag stored in his garage. Years later, after he noticed the food’s appearance remained unchanged, Smarason donated the goods to the National Museum of Iceland.
The museum rejected the donation, stating it didn’t have the means to preserve the fast food, so they were returned to Smarason. The burger and fries were later housed at another hostel in Reykjavik before moving to its current home.