What Do Flat-Earthers Think Is Going On During A Solar Eclipse?

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Not that he isn't a moron but, scientists still haven't figured out exactly what "gravity" is other than some kind of attracting force. That's why there's the Law of Gravity as well as the Theory of Gravity.

Physicists know that gravity exists. It's been proven and tested - that's what a scientific theory is.

Mr Warrior, though, who's gaining a bit of a reputation online, says that gravity doesn't exist and that it's all down to density. His simple and childish assertion is that the heaviest things fall to the bottom and the lighter things float at the top. But saying it's all density is hugely flawed - it would mean we live in a world of layers. Water would always exist below people because water is denser than people. Iron objects would always exist below aluminium objects. Even the air we breathe would be layered - we'd be breathing in the likes of arsenic and radium and oxygen would be above our heads. We'd all suffocate.

There's another video where Mr Warrior tried to explain why space doesn't exist - he thinks the Sun is a small, flat object and is less dense than air and clouds, so that's why it's at the top, and he thinks the Moon is therefore denser than the Sun.

In that video he says space doesn't exist because vacuums need containers with walls - and where is such a container for the vacuum of space? He is, of course, wrong. Vacuums on Earth need containers, otherwise air would rush into the vacuum and it would no longer be a vacuum. But the vacuum of space doesn't need a container.

Sleeping Warrior aka Anthony Riley attempted to disprove gravity using an egg. This 'Relative Density Dis-Equilibrium' will be challenged and SMASHED by Mr Sensible using the humblest of ingredients... cheese! https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=O4P44SkM3MI

Flat Earther Sleeping Warrior takes part in a scientific debate with normal people: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=O4P44SkM3MI
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