Gary, Indiana Homes Sell for a Buck

That's about $1.02 in real money.
Gary, Indiana, offering homes for $1 US - Business - CBC News
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hmm you have to live there for five years before getting full ownership and work a job that pays 35k or more. If the concord was still flying and cheap I could maybe work a commute. It may be better to do what Youngstown did. Accept the fact that people arent coming back, demolish the empty buildings and let nature retake the land.
Just as beavers are retaking Detroit.
Have you ever been to Gary, Indiana??

It's a real sh!t hole, and about 10 truck stops..and a bunch of old and abandon steel mills that used to supply the auto industry and steel for bridges and buildings..

It's ashamed, there used to be a thriving economy at one time.

I'd Buy That For A Dollar - YouTube
Gary Indiana-The Music Man - YouTube

Sic transit gloria Americae..
Not to sound like a racist, but the reason Gary, IN is a failed community, it started out white, grew into a upper middle class 50's families coomunity, then the blacks started to move in and the whites moved out further to suburban areas.

Proof and stats are here: Gary, IN - Working class to a welfare class..

Same path Detroit has taken... most whites move out to places like Ann Arbor, Deerborn and Farmington Heights..

Best places to live 2008 - Top 100 City details: Ann Arbor, MI - from MONEY Magazine

Races in Ann Arbor, MI (2009) - Races in Ann Arbor, Michigan (MI): White, Black, Hispanic, Asian. Ancestries, Foreign born residents, place of birth - Detailed Stats
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