I've been reading some of the other posts and I see I'm not the only one fed up with Bell. The crux of the matter is I need to switch phones because my Samsung a660 is too quiet and the vibrate option is useless. So I've been trying to find a Motorola v60ci phone which is discontinued with Bell.(I adore this phone, I have the GSM version when I was on Rogers) No luck. I've seen some CDMA phones on ebay but I need the ESN numbers to see if Bell will accept them on the network. I found a similar phone on the Telus current line (motorola v35p), but all the reps insist that it will NOT work on a network that isn't Telus.

It's an expensive phone, and I don't want to spend the $400 on it if there is no chance of getting it work with Bell. Does anyone have any suggestions, or know of where I could possibily get my hands on a used Motorola v60ci?