Tri-band and Quad-band (Triband Quadband)

what exactly is the difference between a tri-band phone and a quad-band phone? is it just for roaming that quad-band is better?
triband phones are phones that can be can use 3 different frequencies. There are currently 6 different frequencies that cellular phones can operate on. 2 of them 450 mhz and 2100 mhz are not important to this discussion. The other 4 are 850/900/1800/1900.

There are 2 types of triband phones, European/Asian Triband Phones and American Triband phones. In North America the GSM providers use 850/1900 and in Europe providers like vodafone use 900/1800. To make sure their customers can roam internationally they outfit their phones with one or two extra frequencies. So a euro triband phone would have 900/1800 for local use as well as 1900 to roam in North AMerica and North American triband phones will have 850/1900 for continental use and 1800 for use in Europe.

Now Most Asian providers use the 900 frequency as it is cheaper to implement and has better penetration. To make sure cellular users can use their phone everywhere some manufacturers include all bands so it has 850/900/1800/1900. IF you travel a lot then you mite want to invest in a quadband phoen otherwise most phones that are coming out nowadays are triband or regular bands for local use.
sweet thnx for the input
If you are staying in north america most of the time and DO NOT need to travel with your phone, then you don't need quad-band.

But as I always said, 850mhz is a must!

Further to the triband/quadband discussion, here's a question.

One of our guys travels extensively in South America and South Africa, with other trips in Europe, all over North America, and probably Asia and Australia soon.

I expect the best phone choice will be a quadband; for these international trips, does it make most sense to buy a prepaid SIM card when you arrive in the desitination country? Is this a simple procedure? Anyone out there with words of wisdom?
Rule of thumb is that if you spend a week or more in a Country, you are generally better off to purchase a local SIM and have a prepaid account. Different countries have different rules.The best source of information I have found for this is here:
Moderators are great, and are very helpful.
At least for Italy, you can find people on that board that can send you a SIM card before you leave, and at a reasonable price.
thanks for the url!
What kind of phone is better to take on a trip to Nigeria, Triband or Quadband. Please help
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What kind of phone is better to take on a trip to Nigeria, Triband or Quadband. Please help

Nigeria, shows as having GSM service in the following bands with 4 carriers..

GSM 900/1800 4 carriers
Best to buy a Quad band Cell phone as many carrier now best give you service on those frequencies..

a Pay as you Go Phone from Rogers for $89 to $99 can be purchased for the best value / bang for your buck for this purpose new..

Nokia 5130 Bands - 850/900/1800/1900..
Samsung Hype A256 Bands - 850/900/1800/1900..

If you go with any other brands, make sure you cover at minimum the bands listed above but I would go with the Pay as you go Quad band phone as it is cheapest value for dollar spent. You can insert any SIM card you already have in Canada and do not have to use a Pay as you go card or can buy time in Nigeria is they permit that there..

Have fun..
thanks for your quick response, that really helped.

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