Wi-Fi Roaming Service Launch.


Immediate Release.
Saturday, December 28, 2002 – Edmonton Alberta Canada.

Airpath Wireless Reach Extended into Canada; New TOGO WIRELESS CANADA INC. Locations To Be Airpath Wireless Ready.

TOGO WIRELESS CANADA INC. Corporation, and Airpath Wireless announced today that TOGO WIRELESS CANADA INC ultra-high-speed wireless hot spots have been integrated into the Airpath Wireless™ network. The roaming deal enables Airpath members to easily access TOGO WIRELESS CANADA INC growing network of Wi-Fi hot spot locations across Canada.

TOGO WIRELESS CANADA INC. is the leading provider of public high-speed wireless Internet access in Western Canada. Airpath Wireless operates the easiest to use Wi-Fi network for business travelers with the largest collection of Hot Spots in hotels and airports, plus hundreds of cafes and other public locations across North America and Europe.

"Providing seamless access to wireless hotspots is fundamentally important to TOGO WIRELESS CANADA INC.," said TOGO WIRELESS CANADA INC. CEO, Jerry Elless. "The key to Wi-Fi Network is to allow users to roam across a blanket of networks. TOGO WIRELESS CANADA INC and Airpath Wireless focus on providing a smooth user experience that will allow users to roam across each others network among today’s mobile professionals that’s a plus."

Each TOGO WIRELESS CANADA INC. location is powered by the custom-built Wi-Fi Access Point – a robust and simple way for venue operators to deploy a Airpath-Ready hotspot. Based on industry standard 802.11b technology, also known as Wi-Fi, location owners only need to plug the device into a DSL line supplied by TOGO WIRELESS CANADA INC. TOGO WIRELESS CANADA INC handles all sales, marketing and technical support leaving the location owner to concentrate on their core business.

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TOGO WIRELESS – www.togowireless.com
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