Conservative Snowflakes are Stifling Free Speech Again


Conservative MP Alice Wong accuses Liberal Adam Vaughan of intimidation

Conservative MP Alice Wong says she was riding a bus back from Parliament Hill when she started to feel intimidated by a fellow passenger.

"(He) stopped and hovered over me, began to wave his hand in my face, chastise me and intimidated me," Wong, the MP for Richmond Centre, B.C., said Thursday in the House of Commons as she rose on a point of order.

She was talking about Liberal MP Adam Vaughan (Spadina — Fort York, Ont.), whom she accused of confronting her on the bus Wednesday over something she had said during question period earlier that day.

The Conservative MP had shouted something out of turn during an exchange on Canada joining the Beijing-based Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, a moment of heckling that prompted the Speaker to remind her she should not be yelling when she does not have the floor.
Was he stalking a Nazi?
Free speech.
Stalking isn't free speech.
Neither are Nazis.
Free Thinker
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But... but... that is their job: yell derogatory names, intimidate and belittle. It is all they know cuz they sure as hell don't know WTF is going on in politics. Their puppet masters have programmed them to deflect and distract from what their puppet masters are really up to.

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