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If you are an academic sucking at the climate alarmist public money teat you will hate this.

Thomas Wysmuller trained as a meteorologist at New York University and at the Royal Dutch Weather Bureau in Amsterdam. He then worked for five years at NASA before, during, and after the moon landings. He is routinely invited back to give science and meteorology lectures at NASA Field Centers.

The polynomial regression mathematics, algorithms, or code that Wysmuller personally produced after leaving NASA are being used by virtually every climate scientist on the planet, either embedded in their models or used in their analysis.

He was highlighted in Horizons, the American Institute for Aeronautics and Astronautics’ special issue for NASA’s 50th anniversary.

Wysmuller is now involved in educating the public about the science of climate change and is involved with “The Right Climate Stuff,” a group with Hal Doiron, Walter Cunningham and 20 other ex-NASA scientists and engineers.