Preview of Series/Season 2, Episode 1 of the BBC's fantastic "Robin Hood" to be shown on BBC1, Saturday 6th October.

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Robin and the outlaws have been busy constructing their ingenious new camp.

Meanwhile, Robin's worst fears are confirmed - the Sheriff has a devastating new plan to overthrow King Richard.

Worse still, Marian's house is burnt to the ground and she's arrested.



"Where would be the fun in that?"

Robin is clever, idealistic, arrogant but selfless, dryly humorous, heroic, undaunted by authority, sometimes outrageously bold but always principled.

Robin continues his fight for justice in an England that is corrupted by greed, crippled by taxes, shattered by poverty. The world is changing and the future of the country is at stake.

Robin must up his game and do everything he can to put a stop to the Sheriff's terrible plan... but he's going to need Marian and his trusty outlaws.

Weapon: recurve bow, sword

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"England needs us..."

Beautiful, spirited, proud, stubborn, kind and brave, Marian is as adventurous a champion of the poor as Robin . The years of frustration may have eroded Marian's gentleness but they have left untouched her generosity of spirit and a keen sense of duty to her people.

Marian must appear to toe the line in Nottingham for the sake of her father. Robin may want her, but England needs her - and the Nightwatchman.

Weapons: dagger hair-pin, longbow, sword, knife.

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"Oh, lah-di-dah!"

A ruthless, greedy, witty, ambitious, paranoid, driven, cruel, calculating, political minded, insecure, devious, intelligent, highly-strung strategist.

For the Sheriff, rule over Nottingham has never been enough. In collusion with Prince John and a cabinet of conspirators - the 'Black Knights' - he now plans to overthrow King Richard, put Prince John on the throne and divide up the 'new England'.

Weapon: Gisborne

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"Position. Power."

Vain, brutal, ambitious, loyal, practical, unemotional, single-minded, boastful, frustrated, Gisborne's a selfish bully. As the Sheriff's right hand man, he is capable of tremendous cruelty in his overwhelming pursuit of heritage and position, yet beyond this drive for recognition is his one hope for redemption: Marian .

Will Marian free him from his dark side, or is the smell of power and the influence of the Sheriff greater than his desire for love?

Weapon: sword

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"I HATE the Sheriff."

Son of Locksley's carpenter, Will is the gang's chief engineer whose brilliant designs are key to many a Robin Hood plan. He has been hard at work constructing an ingenious new camp - an essential secret base for our heroic outlaws.

Committed and hopeful, Will desperately wants to put the world back together as it was, so that the people of England will no longer suffer. His passionate hatred for all things Sheriff makes him fundamental to the gang's central mission.

Weapon: axe.

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"We ARE Robin Hood!"

Strong, instinctive, practical, resolute, Little John is powerful in battle and knowledgeable about survival in the forest. John has a more simplistic morality than Robin's : see a problem, sort it out. So John would choose to feed the poor on his doorstep before addressing a national threat. John has an authority that the other members of the gang respect.

Whilst often a man of few words, underneath the brute strength, Little John hides a big heart.

Weapon: staff

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"Not being funny, but..."

A cheeky chancer, a wide-boy opportunist, Allan will make sure he's got his own escape route sorted before he stops to help you. He has the gift of the gab, is a pathological liar and would cheat his best friend at cards if there was something in it for him.

Allan's traits can be used to avoid capture, get food to the poor, make useful contacts. But if skills like that were to fall into the wrong hands, there would be big trouble.

A year in the forest surviving on very little, Allan is beginning to want more than this earnest existence can offer.

Weapon: longbow

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"This... is an ambush!"

As Robin's right-hand man, Much is sometimes daft, forever hungry, and forever committed to both Robin and his cause.

As the voice of fear, but also sometimes the voice of reason, Much undercuts Robin's idealism. He likes orderly living in the amazing new outlaws' camp; he often makes us laugh and he frequently gets told to shut up!

Weapon: short sword and shield.

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"Men - so predictable."

Djaq's presence sometimes proves a threat to the gang's masculinity, as the outlaws frequently try to prove that they have skills she cannot match - usually without success. The fact is, Djaq is an incredible woman, and an even more incredible man.

She's a talented scientist. The tricks she picked up from her physician father, combined with the knowledge she brings of both Saracen science and medicine, adds another string to the gang's bow.

Weapon: sword

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