This is a ridiculous question. Nonetheless, in order to have a small chance of success I'm posting it everywhere right now.

I recently have taken a course at a driving school and was going to take my road test today. Unfortunately, my host parents have, in the last minute, otherwise I wouldn't have made the appointment, decided not to give me the car.

Thus, I'm sitting here now, hours before my test, which is today 3.oo p.m. and I don't have a car.

So I'm asking, if anybody living nearby Halifax, Nova Scotia has an automatic car, has driven for two years, got the vehicle permit, insurance liability card and a valid safety sticker, would you be willing to come to my house and take me to Access Nova Scotia at the Shopping center where I would take the test, which takes only about 20 minutes with your car. I am willing to pay up to 120$. If there's anybody out there please contact me on MSN, rdemmer@gmx.net, ICQ 324786546, or send me a mail asap rdemmer@hgs.ns.ca
I know it's ridiculous, but you never know