7 Ways to Save the World (Seven Ways To Save The World)

Sorry about the sudden leave. Below is a link to the common oxides and their function in the industrialization. Just capture the oxides and transform it into that useable state.


Add oxygen to the oxides to form dioxides and use double displacement and single displacement reactions to transform oxides into other substances.

Let pests breathe in the oxides and use their body chemicals to find a solution to the oxides to solids.

Pesticide and Herbicide

Simply just buy a healthy male predator animal and a female one. Let them eat all the unwanted pests. Once they get hard to control, capture some of them and sell it to other farmers. That way you can get pesticides and still earn money.

If you find the herbicide expensive, renewable planet got some ideas. I think the best idea to avoid unwanted plants growing is by buying cheap plants and plant it in your garden. The cheap plants use their own chemicals to get rid of the plants you don't want. That way you don't have to bother to talk with the local health experts.

Tip to success in farming: Remember to Loan tractors together and share ideas on how to farm. Split the shares of money according to how hard the people work and how big the contribution. If you are a person who is great with farming and nothing else, find someone trust worthy and have the skills of what you need and convince them to help you farm.
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Biological Electricity
1.Capture some animals like elecrtric eels.
2.Anger them and get their electricity into a storage device.
3.Use the electiricty for other stuff

Players of Computers
To save electricity, the best way is to get an efficient media player.

Media players for the multimedia players
1.I thought about first read the media player on a chip. The readings will cover all the areas in and up and down motion. The readings should be in binary.
2.Then identify the sound and picture binary.
3.If there are mixed binary, let the media player take only the binary of the picture and the sounds.
4.Once take all the binary, then download the clip to the area.
5.The people can now press play button to view a movie or a small clip.
There should be also an emergency plan. In case the video is not properly fixed, the exits for the data will close and deletion process will begin. All downloading services are made by multiple retrive and scan processes.

General Media Player
Just to get the people make only binary for picture and sound for that certain type of media player. That way, no one can add any bugs to it.

When debugging or in an enormous bug change, a window will pop up and you can edit using binary.

That is my plan for less bugs, less energy and more productivity and do not need to code. The Media Player do their thing.

Based on: ExpressDSP

Air planes
People do not have to use burning planes all the time. People can use electircity as an engine to spin the propellers. In the future, there should be an end propeller, two propeller underneath the wing, a hang-glide propeller to mimick wind, an extra propeller for going up and an emergency helicopter propeller.

When the plane fly against the wind, the two wing propellers and end propellers work. Once the plane start to fly against the wind, end part of wings go up. The material of the wing trap rising air, which allow the plane to be lighter and easier to go forward. Release the rising air when the plane is going to land.

When liftoff, get the helicopter propeller. Then use the emergency upward propeller to let it rise and at the same time switch to underwing propellers.

During normal weather, use propellers for hang gliders and the back and underwing propellers to go at top speed.

If you master what I am talking about, add an air filter when the air is coming into the plane to let the plane breathe. The breathe part can act as a cold air conditioner and an air filter. Thus save energy and increase quality.

Air ventilation:
1. let air in.
2. use fan to filter and get energy from the fast moving air. This is the air formed when people runs fast.
3. filter air through the air filter
4. let clean air in. This should be cold air that cuts the cost of the cold air conditioner.
5. When air becomes dirty, filter air out through another opening from 1. to 4. All dirt and microorganisms are kept in the same part as air plane people keep wastes. Treat the waste when the plane landed on an airport.

Check out www.projectnewleaf.ca

Oil Prices
I do not think oil prices will drop too much. It will drop 2 or 3 cents. Maximum 4 cents until the people start to use the sea oil. Anyhow, if you are to use the renewable, you just have to purchase the thing that give energy. If you purchase non-renewable, you have to purchase the thing that give energy and the energy source. So it really do not matter what type of oil prices, renewable energy will win in the economy.

Bus Fares
If you suspect someone is using the bus fare money wrong, do an investigation.
To get more money for OC Transpo:
*get a fundraising place or an auction
*get a deal with another company and split the money
*sell out old models and rebuy with ones that have more fuel efficiency to save oil and gas prices.
*increase monthly pass money or ticket money for outer routes or all routes
* use combination techniques.

Prevent Economic Corruption
Buy a system of computers that cannot go on to the internet. For each city, there is one such computer. When the computer are all in line, connect them together into a central computer in the capital of the country. Only the capital of the country can approve the changes. The computer have all the data to the financial status of the country. When a city needs to complete a project, the person can enter their request for money withdrawal through the computer. The request must contain the exact amount of money needed with exact use of what the money do. For example $32 dollars for pencils. The capital then approve or disapprove the material. After the approval, the person can use the money to build the project.

If it is an emergency, they must submit to emergency box and have loans.

At the end of the day, count the amount of money and the money reported on all the computers. After the change is made, every computer should see the use. This is there so that everyone can see the changes and use of funds. They can report the people who misuse the change. That way, there will be more usage to the everyday people.

A Green Mishap
Old green focus on the direct buy and protection of land. The new green is to give efficiency and the old ones. To make it easier, the symbol for the new green is crimson, green, and a colour of your choice. Or just the new leaf green.

More to come: Consumer's real guide to buying fuel-saving cars, green product list and diagrams!

Update: For full July change, check this fourm in July 31!
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Coal Plants
Should shut down coal plants. Although how they will earn money is a mystery to me. When doctors say something is wrong, I think there is something wrong.
Taking the GREEN pledge!

Iím joining JunkScience.com making our world GREENer!

I will (check items that apply):

�� Increase personal use of ethanol derived from grape biomass and various grains and cereals

�� Use more solar energy by taking longer beach vacations

�� Only work Saturday and Sunday, making all other days weekend to reduce driving

�� Open canned sodas slower to reduce rate of CO2 emissions

�� Gain weight - fat people are composed of more carbon than skinny people, thus keeping more carbon out of the environment

�� Reduce CO2-emissions by doing as little exercise as possible

�� Reduce global methane emissions by eating more farm animals

�� Avoid spicy foods to reduce personal emissions

�� Campaign to sequester Parliament and the U.N.

�� Recycle environmentalists into biofuels

�� Lobby Parliament to fund flying carpet research to replace jet travel

�� Help promote greater fuel efficiency by lobbying Parliament to repeal the Law of Gravity

Will YOU take the pledge?

Downloaded from www.JunkScience.com © 2007

Quote: Originally Posted by Walter View Post

Taking the GREEN pledge!

Iím joining JunkScience.com making our world GREENer!

I will (check items that apply):

�� Increase personal use of ethanol derived from grape biomass and various grains and cereals

�� Use more solar energy by taking longer beach vacations

�� Only work Saturday and Sunday, making all other days weekend to reduce driving

�� Open canned sodas slower to reduce rate of CO2 emissions

�� Gain weight - fat people are composed of more carbon than skinny people, thus keeping more carbon out of the environment

�� Reduce CO2-emissions by doing as little exercise as possible

�� Reduce global methane emissions by eating more farm animals

�� Avoid spicy foods to reduce personal emissions

�� Campaign to sequester Parliament and the U.N.

�� Recycle environmentalists into biofuels

�� Lobby Parliament to fund flying carpet research to replace jet travel

�� Help promote greater fuel efficiency by lobbying Parliament to repeal the Law of Gravity

Will YOU take the pledge?

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Go get your messages elsewhere unforgiven! Let you suffer in your worst nightmare!

Thank you Walter!
Ontario Energy Problems
Coal Plants turn down. Go immediately to renewable energy resources to earn money. Natural gas isn't that green. Natural gas will cause havoc too. Please enforce renewable energy sources. That is the only way to earn money and still give electricity without health hazards.

B.C. Oil Clean up
If you do not know where the oil gone, check the houses which are affected by the oil. That is most likely where the oil went. Also check sea and use satellite if you need to locate the oil spill. Once know where they are, use a leaf blower or some sort of propeller to drive the oil spill into one area. Then, use a vacuum to suck in the oil. If you suck in the oil, some of the oil can be used to do stuff for like lubricating lotions. Or you can clean with a special soap. The soap one is more expensive though.

OC Transpo and trains
Upcoming Wednesday fourm, support the bus first. When the bus fund is over, then build a train. If train service go over bus, people can give like luxury class for extreme rich people. In the class, there can be butlers, maid service, internet service and help. These people who are in those services can be for the rich people's short journeys. Also, give more trains. Say, every 5 minutes a fast train.

To get medicine into natural, I suggest going to Mongolia's first Mongolia and Chinese book. When translated, the book should have a similar name to: Four Classical Books of Medicine. This book have the least amount of side-effects and include cures for pregnant woman, and children. Some even can be nutrition! With that book as a guide, the person can find other similar medicines in other natural medicines.

The 24 hours puzzle unravaled
For baby nipples, use wood ones.

For cans, you can compress them and use a layer of tin foil follow by serin wrap to keep the food can fresh. There are a type of food can that can use compression to keep temperature. It's like the beer stuff and the coke stuff.

For sticking plates, have a special cooker with marble material. Marble, shiny and waterproof textile don't stick much. But if it do, get another cooker that pumps heated air. For boiling water, use water boil at a certain temperature to cook.

I figure all metals will stick because the fire ionizes them. Other reasons include combustion create oxides, which make the cooker weaker. A lot of cooker are not well made (they have bubbles and holes in them). When these poor cooker are combusted, then the cookers will be in worse quality. The other solution is to deionize the metal elements through an induction cooker. The induction cooker must have a slightly different taste than the combustion cooker.

For clothes, keep to natural products. Perfer about 45% cotton, 20% stretching material that is organic, and the rest percentage as strength. The best type of clothing is moderately durable, recyclable and or 100% biodegradable. That way, your customers will always come back. Shiny films can be used by special silks like ordinary silk modify by that special formula. That lies in the secret of the clothe producer. No peeking the truth!

Curtains. During hot weather, use a tin foil or some reflective foil. The reflective foil will reflect the heat and light away. Keep to natural cotton and stuff. Stuff we use for ordinary sweater with a lot of comfort or just rough and tough stuff. That should be all okay in a jifty. During cold weather, just paint your glass with a removal and natural paint so that the outside people cannot see the details of inside. The transparency of the window allows more heat to be stored. This is similar to a greenhouse.

Clothelines. Support them. Just tell the people they cannot show their clothelines, but they are allow to use them (if you do not like to see their clothes).

Toxic toys: Sir and Madam, Children, Teens, just don't use those extremely toxic items! It is as clear as that! If you still want the quality, just go by and add material with the result you look for!

Prevent pesticide runoffs: collect all runoffs at sidelines by using a tray and then treat them to useable chemicals. Or sell the waterdown pesticide for less price on the earth. The pesticide can be reused, collected and reused until it disappear. When it disappear, use biological pesticides. Pesticides treatment prevent and stops strange algae, E.Coli and need I say more of other infectionus diseases? Algae and E.Coli is from the Gr.11 Biology textbook.

Jels and creams of bathroom: Just add more natural stuff and create less jelly or creamy stuff. It improve the quality and the less amount of usage!

Bath tub seals: Use bathtubs with less seals. Create bath tubs that are circular like the sitting one for senior who have trouble getting out of the tub.

Mattress: Stuff matress with whatever healthy
Better: Water beds that are not transparent
Best: Special clothes of strength and water that are not transparent. The clothes allows specific areas for toughness and the water allow for absolute smoothness.
Outer coating, less toxic items: plastic, cotton, silk for the outher look with a layer of thin plastics. To look toxic, but extremely healthy. Spring is OK! If you do not care about how it looks on the outside, just cover it with the most comfortable and waterproof materials, which are organic.

Shoes: Replace cadium with aluminum. I don't really know why cadium is there. You can use any metal that is great and strong. Why cadium? Cadium is rare, expensive and cancer causing. It is better for the usage of making steel.

TV and laptop: If the material made at the end (including the excess) is toxic, transform it to something else. Use machines to assemble TV and laptop. I support imac's choice of removing lead! Best choice for green and performance: imac with windows 98, and linux with firefox for internet surfing. Windows 98, save energy have great safety and basic functions. Linux stops most cookies and firefox is fast and better I suppose. Use less toxic materials!

Think and care! Yes you can do it!

Random Choice of selected solutions
Cellars: Withdraw water, prevent leaks, clean daily. Remeber to use gloves, clothes and masks. In case the fungus had pores, you will at least be safe. Let the clothes bake in the dry and hot sun without wind to clean it.

Basement: Seal them. Prevent radioactive powerplants. They emit radon, which is causes cancer! This idea is also supported by the guy who creates electronegativity. You can check it in the library or the web.

Metal and plastic bubbles: Just make a metal without bubbles. When you are going to cut one or contain the metal into a shape, some bubbles may form. In that step, please let all of the bubbles form at one end. Seal the metal or plastic. Then cut the bubble conataining area. Use that area to reform into the desired metal. Saves material, provide higher quality.

Go Nikola Kezic of bee training for bombs and the new cars!

No; men still get their manly toughness. Not all plants have to be flowery. Vines don't have much flower neither is fruitless trees. Or mosses, or plankton. Engineering is still legal and sports are there to give everyone the enjoyment. Pick your organic. Brown, green, pink, red, colours of the rainbow? Simply white and black for others too.

Dedication Day
Tommorrow is dedication day to green people. I'll bring in stuff and colours and poems and paintings. Not the scary stuff though. Hum. Um. If you do not like my personality, just say so. If I do something you don't like or if I offend you, I'm sorry and you get to choose one thing (beside murder, scandle, lawbreaking, and deception) for one thing I did wrong. If I did many stuff wrong, you get that many things to do. I'll do the stuff no matter how silly and destroying the reputation. I do it to fix my mistakes and earn balance of my life. So no pains and gains to all.

Look at photosynthesis of this thread! Don't get confused! Do you want to burn in the heat until death or cooler? Support Carbon dioxide and the global warming factor is supporting the European people's and your death in the heat! Geez. I'm not threatening. It's just the fact. I'll yell if I have to.
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Go Walter!
Finally, I got time to post links.



have some ideas on gardening.
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Alliance to save energy!

Energy Wise, if you are still searching for that link!
Nuclear Energy Corrections
I did more research about the nuclear energy. To treat nuclear energy is best by storing in the water. If you are going to use nuclear energy. The water with detrium can be decomposed to detrium and water through electricity. Hydrogen gas and oxgen gas forms. In the hydrogen gas, there are some amounts of detrium. The hydrogen and oxgen gas can be used for fuel cell and the detrium for the nuclear. Seperate through distillation. Thus forming a cycle for the fuel cell and nuclear craze. I should have read the wikipedia a little better. Sorry about the confusion. Today I will update the stuff I missed. Just keep it away from basement and the groundwater. I'm terribly sorry.

Reference: http://www.fas.org/nuke/intro/nuke/heavy.htm
I know it's a url with scientists in it. The facts are all right though, but it have massive destruction in it. It's not one of those average and idealistic data thing.

Some elements to replace platinum
Anything that do not react with oxygen: Co, copper sulfate, zinc oxide, Nb oxide,
Metals: Pd, Ag, Sm at low temperatures, Hf oxide, Ta, Tungsten and gold
Pb+PVC=flame retardant. I'll get the chemical formula later.

Shoes is better with flexibility, materials absorb less heat, comfortable, breathing holes to let out sweat and heat. Cadium is expensive to get and very unhealthy.

Information based from: A Guide to the Elements by Albert Stwertka

Efficient fuels
Higher horsepower and torque with low fuel consumption. Torque and fuel consumption is figure out by percentage. You may also want to know if the fuel supplies the electrical units of the car like the stereo and air conditioning. If there are some amounts of the fuel, add it to the fuel consumption percentage. To figure out a direct percentage, get the average of the fuel consumption by the electrical units and the fuel for the vehicle to run, torque and horsepower. You can find the average on Math texts for daily.
Vehicle guide link: http://www.canadiandriver.com/overviews/index.php

Water saving and detergent technique
To save water and detergent, use a little bit of detergent. Let the clothes rinse in the water. Squeeze the water out. Let the clothes rinse in the water. Squeeze the water out. Repeat until all detergent disappear. You can try with different clothes. Use least detergent if you are just trying to get some small rough stuff out. Sometimes the sun can do a lot of cleaning too. Use detergent for extremely tough cleaning.
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Wind in Alberta

Use your imagination people. Wind need backups. Hum. What sort of alternative energy with few pollution can do that?
1.Heat. Any heat is fine. What if no heat is around? 2.Solar. What if it rains? 3.Water wheels. What if there is not enough power?
4.Hydrogen fuel cell works with megawatts!
5. Nuclear with proper treatment. Um. Just store and use it carefully. The storage space is a big problem. If you are rich, nuclear is best to go. Don't be afraid to go to new bounds. There are more than just burn stuff up for energy.

Advice: Use combination of the alternative energy. They earn money, and save the environment.

Wind power stuff must have a limit. To do so, simply cut the power off or cut off the connection wire between the wind turbine and the power source. Truthfully, many machines already have this safety feature.

Hum. We need people who really know the stuff to run the place. They are giving people false information.

This is from the place of the guy who build his house underground.

Wondering about the financials

If you solely wonder why some people got money during opposition to environment, here's what I have-they could've much more.

and the beer store's 10cents per bottle recycle program.

Paste of Natural
Found out that proteins make things stick. Possible sticking natural things: rice, eggs, sticky treats, corn.
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Perhaps there is only one way to save the world............

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I am changing! I doubt you changed! Come on now, China! If you have something to say about the world, say so. If you don't like me, send a private message. I haven't offended you and what is wrong with you?!!!!

Cannot believe that they do not give out the feebates. Uggh. Give out the feebates for god's sake to people who are eligiable. That way companies would trust the government for working times and the popularity will go up.

For the future, if the feebate is taking the chunk of money, read the following:
If the feebate get the sales of a certain product up, the government can take 5%-10% of the total shares. That way, the money earned from the government can be used for feebates.
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Nuclear Update


I did some tough research on the nuclear stuff. There are two way to use nuclear. One is based on CNNR and the other is in Wikipedia. Wikipedia have a lot of stuff.

1. fuse the products of uranium by sending a neutrino and a particle into the center of the products. As the neutrinos and the particle go through the electron, the neutrino change the particle into an electron. If the Bohr theory is true, then the neutrinos with the electron gets closer to the center by losing some energy. Once the neutrino reach the near center of the element, it waits for a gap of opportunity. A radioactive material's center is unstable. When the material let loose the bonds, it is able to accept other changes. During that time, the neutrino transforms the electron into a proton and its presence convert to a bond that tightly holds the element together. This can be done through electrons and pattern doing. Then collide the elements at top speed to fuse into a new element using cold energy or energy with minimal impact with environment. Process power by nuclear reaction themselves. Once a billion years to do everything is fine.

2. Use the radioactivity of natural decay as energy. In beta decay, there are amounts of electrons released. Take those electrons and store them. In alpha particle decay, there is helium. The helium can be used for other chemical reactions for industrial products. For gamma rays, it is great for restarting situations on items and stuff. If you did something wrong with an element's charges, you can use gamma rays to restore to its true original form. Postrion decay is really already avaliable. Some people use positron as energy.
Store the energy and seperate them into smaller parts instead of control and make work as well.

To get the water to normality, seperate water into hydrogen and oxygen.
Then in the hydrogen, fuse the hydrogens of half deutrium to get a real hydrogen. Real hydrogen combines with oxygen to make clean water. The energy released during the process can make electricity.

For deutrium, just use the deutrium for other processes such as surgury, monitor of the nuclear powerplants, etc.

Follow the ordinary pattern of nuclear.

Treat the nuclear well. If it isn't 100% sure, then do not use nuclear. It is a dangerous source of energy.

*a lot of power for a little bit of material
*is 95% recyclable with the hydrogen fuel cell cycle.
*Takes a lot of energy and money to get it started.
*The waste storage is always a problem.
*More mining of uranium and any other types decrease the fuel for earth's to burn and to live.
Use nuclear for power backups for an entire country only and encourage recycling of other materials.
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Urban development and Land Saves

First, what is your definition of urban development? Is it important, and how by that importance? Is it so important that you would risk the health of others?

Many great countries always have their central town developed before urban expansion. Canada still have a lot to improve on. For example, the trade partners, health, improvement on scandles, and the PM's highlight of his government. So, I think it is better to improve the place before you go for urban expansion.

For the company, large and big is not best. To win the money from your customers, consider the company's service, proiety, variety of abilities, and awsome spirits. To think globally is great. Even if someone have a small place, they can still take over the business by beating other companies down. Always check the companies interior before using new land. It will save you money (for not buying and constructing a land and to fix the inner problems of the company will earn plenty too).

If the two really need to collide, then construct to minimize the impact on environment. Be direct, carbon neutral without credits, and entirely new and well.

If you cannot, and you want to destroy a protected area, I suggest run before the law catches you!

Important habitats are supposed to be protected. If we do destroy everything, at least nature can regenerate some new products and minerals from the protected area. It is an emergency backup plan for everything of people, the earth, and the animals.
Manitoba Flood Responsibility

Please just filter the water out together. If a large, real flood comes and no one helps, more people die. Someone who lives there, please act. If I have free tickets to that Manitoba area and my parents agree, I will help out. After the action, then survey for damage costs. If you do damage cost first, the damage cost will pile up and increase. Please prevent the damage of cost and then calculate the damage cost. For all spills and accident, that is the way to perserve and to increase a country's strength and wealth.
Country Development and Green
The truth about why China rises is because they care about the efficiency of the green part. They act most of the time on a situation. As for ethnic rights, it is in the middle to low range.

Recycling Reformation
When a person give you a material in the recycle factory, first look at the stuff.
Don't just melt them and reform them. For example, if you want a black bottle, choose bottle that already have that colour. If you want a multi-coloured bottle, cut and paste bottles together and secure with heat and pressure. Avoid reforming stuff unless you really have no other choice.




and the freakonomics of New York Times.

For the exsisting vehicles, an organization of engineers may buy all the cars from the car dealers and replace the engine with an electric one. Once replaced, set the price about couple of dollars lower than normal. The point is to let more people buy electric vehicles instead of hybrid. The organization is support by a money-making green company.

Medicine Extract
I know a lot of medicine from the aboriginals seems fake. Some of the medicines do work. Like birch bark can cure the warts and asprin kill pain. The main way to integrate natural medicine into nowadays is to take the knowledge of the plants and see what the plants do. For the rest, it is their culture, and do not need to be absorbed.

*See also the nuclear update
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When people rince the cups and bowls with water, there is some nutrients. Can use that used water to let plants grow. One cup rinse is fine. Used water from food may be for the washroom washing. Not all washed water is fine for the spraying of grass. Some is too toxic to spread. I doubt soapy water is something great for plants. Soapy water is great for washing the floor or some place.

the yahoo spray on fertilizer probably.

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Companies and Renewable Energy
Most of the companies of renewable energy do not know much about the economy. Their products are set; meaning they do not have the change, development and consumer matching needs to the products. This lead to many trouble for these companies, however global warming and the overpopulation of people lead many consumers to buy the renewable energy. Renewable Energy techniques must change to the likings of consumers and use less products as possible.

Do not invest in what people say is great. Invest the ones will give profit that will rise no matter what the situation is.

* will also include guides of realism of market through the possible energy sources.
* there will be some construction and cleanup of some parts of the thread. When update is finished, I will get link to that place. Please check back at August 31, 2007.
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Fund Reports of Alternative Energey

Hydrogen fuel cell: It is very expensive to take platinum. In financial status, it is the most well known and common type of the energy sources because hydrogen fuel cell is very similar to a carbon burner. Since fuel cells technology is based on the chemical reactions, it is likely in the future, more fuel cells with different materials will be made. This leads fuel cell to be a very positive investment for the future. This may someday be changed into a chemical maker instead of solely a fuel cell.

Solar-Related Projects: Solar do not necessarily is worst than the fuel cell. People are still very restrained and distant from that black grid look even though the technology is so old. Solar do have the renewable type, however people are not interested in developing new forms of solar energy. As an investor, investing in the solar energy sector is moderately risky. Solar-Related Projects will be very pronounced in construction projects of ordinary household for the future. Typically, any type of black with grid like plane or surfaces is a solar cell.

Water Wheels: This seems to be lost in the world. It is somewhat finished, yet no one tries to improve this. Instead, they come up with a dam, which is very wasteful. Water wheels will probably be best with the biodegradable Mirel like a batter (a tool used in rolling raw flour to a flat pie shape). The investment in dams and water wheels is moderately low to possibly high.

Biofuels and natural gas: This is the likely candidate for people who do not want to change. When oil completely runs out, there will be a group of extreme supporter for oil that burns this stuff for fuel. It doesn't save much money, however it is a temperarily okay investement. It will fall when people realize it doesn't earn money and there are better ways to get energy.

Orange juice and electrolytes: Electrolytes are included in the batteries section, which may and may not be included in the hydrogen fuel cells. Those cells which have the electrolytes will be more popular and common. This is mostly likely fuse with the fuel cell sector.

Paper nanotechnology: With the right amount of research, paper nanotechnology will dominate. The investement for this sector is low to average at start and average to high by the end of the era of education.

Wind: It is okay, however business have more success with wind. Wind need improvement on the different areas. Using airplane wings for the wind duration is not the best material. When businesses start to make wings using kite-like for poor to the moderate and airplane wings for expensive, luxurious places, then the wind will have a much higher investement.

The investements will change as time goes, so go with the most possible and most likely one to rise. Always invest combinations in companies which can sell a lot of the products. For example, the solar water heating combination tube in a company which sells a lot of those tubes. Always pick companies with a lot of revenues and assets to invest in and avoid small average companies. If you are a risk taker, please predict correctly of the market's rise based on all of the factors affecting the market.

Predicted craze for the average countries:
1. Natural Gas+ alternatives
2. Biofuels + alternatives
3. Nuclear + alternatives / nuclear (this may or may not be present in all countries)
4. Hydrogen and little bit of Nuclear
5. All types is used
6. People begin to develope variety of advance technological energy tools in the against global warming. By that time, the globe is probably semi-frying.
7. Nanotechnolgy paper plus the result from 5. and 6.
8. Technology is truely green, efficient, and having the elements of 5. 6. and 7.
Possible selection of war and different ethics. Or inflations will never work image.

Rich countries:
Will be full of electronics, some nuclear, and develope to 8. faster than any other countries. They are the first one to open the 8.'s requirement and the last one to go.

Poor countries:
Will first try to copy the rich countries. Then, they cannot because they are poor. So the local civilians will go green sooner and reach the 8. quicker than moderate and slower than the rich countries. When some poor countries become rich, the poor countries may copy the moderate countries to get the sense of becoming moderately rich. When they become rich again, those some countries may become like the extreme rich countries or stay moderate countries style.

Thank you for reading
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Wind Research developments

Why Failed:
Wind is a factor many people including the "technologists" from 1993 do not know about. Wind uses expensive materials such as pexiglass and air plane wings. It also uses the center to locate a wind. Although this is based on the fact about how people focus on eyes, it do not work. When people focus, they look at a place. Their views change as they look at different places. A vertical wind machine is in one place. They do not move and can only use some of the energy from the wind. The reason for "technologists" to quit is they use too much expensive materials, and they do not understand wind at all. If they understand, they can use the tornatoes, and the thermal updrafts to work. That is why I call them "technologists".

How to Succeed:
1. Gather data and make model.
i) make model of how normally a wind machine is
ii) Use fans to mimic a wind situation. Please use fans to mimic one wind, two winds with different directions and forces, ocean current winds, winds at different elevations, and the distrubance winds (distrubance winds is created when two turbines are close together. During this situation, a wind that people cannot control destroys the turbine. If people can mimic and use that wind to get energy of the place, then more energy will be made). For wind changing with directions, please try on the field and place.
iii)Test out the model. Notice the pattern in the wind.
iv) repeat steps i) to iii) when the wind machine design failed one or more of the mimicing winds for a machine that works in all conditions. Repeat when the machine breaks itself at the goal winds. Do not repeat if the machine pass the goal. For example, if a machine A suppose to use ocean currents to do stuff and it did not, repeat. If machine A is successful, then follow next step. Another example can be: If machine B is supposed to use all sorts of power and it failed one, then repeat. If it succeeded, then follow the next step.
v) record the successful machines into a data column. Compare and choose the best design based on the data. The table should look something like the following:
Type of machine | Put Name of machine and its type | Put Name of machine and its type|
Wind type | Put wind type here | Put wind type here |
Number of Vs | Put # of watts made by machine | Put # of watts made by machine |
The time took | Put seconds put made by machine | Put seconds put made by machine |

When data is recorded, draw a conclusion.
Ex. If vertical wind machine1 undergoes a mixed multiple wind at 120 Watts per second and machine2 undergoes a mixed multiple wind at 155 Watts per second, use the second one. If during machine one, you make it with a special tool called Kappa and for second tool, you make with special tool called Gualla, then use Gualla tool for next wind development. Conclusion: Gualla and the average wind machine will be better. common rate: Watts per second.

When the wind machine is made, consider the material and ideas involved in this wind machine. Use less materials and give more performance.

Choose: Just choose the one that fits in your power standards. Little powers for little demand and big power for big demand. Little is less Watts made and big is more Watts made.
Ex.1 If both generators generate 12 Ws of electricity, choose the one with less cost.

Ex.2 If one generator generates 155Ws and costs $122 while the other generates 50Ws and cost $50, look at your energy demand. To calculate: use the energy demand / watts of machine * cost of a machine. Then compare the two final answers. Buy the one with the lower answer.
||If the demand is 2000W, then answer for one is 2000/155*122=12.9*122=13*122=1586. The answer for two is 2000/50*50=2000. 1586 < 2000, so buy the 155Ws one.
||If the demand is 326Ws, then the answer for one is 326/155*122=2.1*122=3*122=366. The answer for two is 326/50*50=6.5*50=7*50=350 350 < 366, so buy the 50Ws one.
||If there are no rounding numbers, then just do not round.

Ex. 3 If generatorA is expensive and do not produce electricity comparing with the generatorB (Generator B is not expensive and makes a lot of electricity), buy generatorB.

2. Test on the type of land to confirm. Fix any mistakes or unsuccesful errors by repeat step 1. Let the prototype model work for a year before anything repeating step 1.

3. Set a scale of the generator and build that generator to size.


Usage of Generators
People sometimes complain about land not giving them the need. The whole point is to use what the land is pronounced at. Wind for windy areas, small battering for watery areas and so on and so force. If you do not have wind, then do not use them.

Wind Spin Types
A kite like frame made of tough wood follow by feather like material with set base.
Better: All wood
A wood with glass inside with concrete base
Better: Aluminum wings and biodegradable plastic base
The expensive nowaday material with set bases
Better: Remove the plexiglass inside the wings.
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Lightning Car; less noticable and higher horsepower.
*also search Chevy Volt
Zap Car

Nano tech

Green chemistry and energy subdivisions
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I just hope government do something about the feebates. It's nice they actually posted the feebate requirements, however it isn't the most green. How about supporting an electric car company and give everyone some discount on electric cars?
Gasoline Liquidity
The demand of gasoline decreases. To earn money, the market people lowers the price of gasoline. They hope that more consumers will buy their lower gas. That way, the marketers can earn money. This is still very expensive. If you want to spend the money that way, then it is sort of like wasting your money. It's like the liquidity tactic used to save the American household debts. It reaps the money from people and keep the rich people rich so that the money market will not fail. In this case, it is to keep the gasoline market function. Overall, the price is still going up.

Finished posts:
*pg. 1 title: Oh here's one!
*pg. 4 June 8th, 2007, 06:40 PM
*pg. 5 June 24th, 2007, 06:06 PM.
*pg. 5 July 5th, 2007, 05:18 PM or Vehicles & Plastics
*pg. 6 Tum dum dum
*pg. 7. Real Report on Richhood of Alternative and Renewable Energy

Dental and Hair Care
::Neem sticks and Jason PowerSmile are environmentally health bleeching agents. -From The Globe and Mail::

::Pick bleech with less chemicals::

::Toothbrush replace every three months or clean toothbrush head carefully after every time you brush teeth. The second choice is better. Recommend the colgate toothbrush with the tongue and cheek cleaner as best health choice. Manuel toothbrush is better because when you get a sore mouth, you can brush slower to reduce pain.

have a recommendation and more on toothpastes.

::Can kill lice with a dryer and steam. Put on health nutrition products instead of rinsing products such as pythum hair products from Yves Rocher. Remove stinky smells with perfumes for the hair or just any other perfume. Washing it once with ordinary shampoos. Check the ingredient label for the following basic ingredients:

Remember to put little chemicals into your hair. More chemicals is awful. It's based on a lot of recommendations from the old and new health professionals. Wash once with the common shampoo for extreme dirt. Blow the lice away with dryers and steam. Then put on a lot of nutritional chemicals such as satin, and bunch of bio stuff from the herbal essense hair care products, similar how to put on hair jels.

Exact amount depends on the hair type. For the exact amount, contact a hair care professional.

::thane.ca have an excellent hair curler.

More coming!
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Although BMW's words are great, I think the most likely company to lead electric cars is the company who invents Chevy Volt. Chevrolet already have the electric engine down and is doing the backups. I don't know how the price will turn out although it is most likely the Volt be a luxury vehicle.

for 100% biodegradable plastics
Electric ovens is perferred with the energy star ratings.

Facial Cleaners
1. use warm water to open pores
2. wash with gentil abrasives that dissolve in water
3. close pores by cold water and cucumber
4. add moisturizers (perfer biospecific from Yves Rocher)

follow the skin resource center for a specific amount in cleaning the face.
spend less and get more results!


got some mattress tips: if you are worried about sleep and stinky mattresses.

and ikea!
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Fake Items
Fake items always produce awkwardly. Many items such as toys, games, and toothpaste are fake productions of the real item. Many of the side-effects, awkwardness, and death such as the Mattel toy recall are based on not effective use of the engineers. They probably imported fake items or hired fake engineers. Items causing a lot cancer and others.

To avoid such situation, the countries must include an act to stop the production of these items and to use these items for other purposes. Best solution is to ban and stop the production of such company through checking the toys through a human regular group follow by machine regulatory group. Waste less materials and get better results.
Mad cow diseases can be prevented by this way too.

Some people even fake the production of meat and cheese. Buying safe name brands is one thing the other is to choose organics and look for the signs of fake items. Always buy from the most trustworthy store. You can go to a butler to see the real meat to get the conclusion about the real meat and the store meat. Best way to train your eyes is through games like find the 10 differences between two pictures.

Fake items are always poorer quality and cheaper than the real items. The price of fake items are so cheap that you would not believe such a brand can have such cheap prices. Quality of the fake items is very noticable. For example, a toy with an extreme long string is a fake item. The real toy should not have an extremely long string. Fake items sometimes looks a shade darker or a shade lighter than a normal toy should.

For greens, they are cheap in price because they use less materials and gives great performance. I doubt greens are really cheap. A combination of vinegar and water is so expensive and so is the organic foods, however the quality is excellent. There are some great deals in green such as imported items put together by ikea. To notice the real and fake between a green item is fairly easy. Green items are simple and well known. For the risky items, it is most likely a fake product or a product need market strategies. To buy risky items, always contact with the experts of the experts or the best of the best.

Power Windows and Energy Wasting
This is an old topic. I heard the solution to the power windows as follows:
1. waste paper and get people to ban power windows through election to save future lives and vehicle energy. Prevent one way energy use allow absolute waste of energy in all vehicles plus disrupt the markets and cause everyone to go bankrupt.
2. use autoreverse to waste more energy and your money. It's luxurious.
3. use old types of windows. Do not let windows be open by switches but by slow turning cranks that require a lot of energy. Locate crank away from the child and seat the child with seatbelt. This is to prevent the children from getting close to the controls. In fact, let adults control the cranks of children.
4. Do not buy powerwindows and get the vehicles with powerwindows out of the market.
Most likely 3.-4. for economic style and 2. for rich people's style. Keep the pattern of the society and some stuff completely new.

*I've updated green building posts : Thanks to Ruby Gloom for the advice on the wall building.
*Diagrams are still under construction.
Boats is better with the all electric. People can charge boats before they drive the boat. An electric indicator can tell the people when their electric boats run out of energy. All electric boats should be powered by renewable energy of electricity. When the boat go at high speed, there are wind. People can use the wind to make the boat into electricity with a mini-propeller on top of the boat. The solar panel one isn't that bad except it is not for all weather. So the best is for solar panels to charge the electricity of the boat and then use that electricity to drive the boat. Instead of filling your boat with gas, fill your boat with electricity made by renewable resources.

Washing Something or Some parts
All you need is 5mL of the cheapest detergent, a lot of water, a useable absorbant item, and a scrubber. Under $10 for the efficient cleaning. Vielda under $3 + dish washer (about $1-$2) and a scrubber (about $1-$2).
1. Pour the 5mL of the cheapest detergent
2. Pour water
3. Scrub until you see white bubbles. When bubble do not form, scrub faster and add more water.
4. Use the white bubbles to clean.
5. Rinse with water
6. Use absorbant item to absorb the dirt.
7. Clean the absorbant item.
Recommend using showers to clean and using tubs to get a once a month spa. The spa remove dead cells, rejuvinates and uplift new skin.

Future Electronics
Use a microchip to make the smallest picture at the highest quality with 3D effects. Then use different lenses to project the image to the custom size. You can view the image size according to your choosing. It isn't hard and is achievable. There can also be a place for DVD, video, consoles, gamecube, Wii, and other plug-ins. For sound, you can use a soundboard to get the basic sound. Then amplify the sound into loud 3D effects by plugging in a large amp. The power is powered by a renewable resource.

Also build laptops with better functions than a normal computer to save materials. Replace all online computers with laptops.

For the old information systems, install a chip on the old computer. Then take the rest of the computer into laptops. The laptops also have a chip from the old computer. These special laptops allows different people to view the old information. This allows people to use technology and not break the old technology.

based on Tiger electronic's DVD projector and HD television, 3D sounds, etc

Fire extinguisher
Use wind to keep the fire in one place. Then use cold air to cool down the fire. Afterwards, use a large blanket to slowly choke the fire to death. Do not leave air for the fire. Of course, the best way is to call the fireman. This is the strategy to save the fire before the fireman arrives.

Toilet and Tub Cleaning
Clean the toilet every two weeks with steam and every month by lysol. Clean your tub before you take the once-a-month spa. That way the skin will not be dirty.

Sofas, and Covers
sofa=box spring+cusions+removable cover
a three seat can cost $210-$1080 before a retailer.
a three seat leather can cost $800-$3000 before a retailer.

quilt or and cusions or and pillow formula
Normal People
Feathers/cotton and a little bit of polyester for strength and stretch. Cotton let the air circulate and is soft. Feathers are almost always used in the quilt making. Or, 75% cotton 10% wool or linen (by clothing from the organics) 10% polyester.

Allergic Reactions in Depth
Polyester hallow fibres or contact a doctor. Hallow fibres allows breathing too. It is better to test one product per day to reduce health allergic reactions.

quilt or cusion cover formula
87% cotton and 13% polyester

bed cover
95% satin-coton and 5% linen

Flower pots
Use glass vases for dead flowers and terra cotta for live plants. Terra cotta is the closest material to soil because it is a highly graded earth material. Avoid plastics for the flowers.

If you want to keep the packaging in traditional wine, you can recycle the packaging like beer bottles. Follow the new recycling plan.

Encourage people to use less, recycle, simple furniture designs, and green buildings and houses.

I got to thank Ikea for the inspiration.

If you do not like the tubs, you can always use the mold to get a shape. Let hot liquid form in the mold and cool the item in the mold to get the perfect tub without seals.

Product list of green
Activia, bread with biograins, cardboard tampoons (transition and yet very great),
best toothbrush: oral B cross-action vitalizer +colgate 360 degree celcius. I can't find the circle symbol.

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*fast Green Posting///
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