The Super Bowl


The great halftime threat
By Paul Jacob
Feb 5, 2006

Something must be done and now, on Super Bowl Sunday, before it's too late. The threat is not Al Qaeda. Not illegal aliens, bug-eyed aliens, or even global warming. It's far more subtle and insidious, infecting the very fabric of the heartland. The threat is halftime.

Halftime? Yes. It is growing like a cancer, taking over the game we love.

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I heard there was some sort of game being played today in another country. Do you have some details on it? Apparently it's some sort of big deal.
Yes, Chelsea beat Liverpool, 2-0.
Quote: Originally Posted by Toro

Yes, Chelsea beat Liverpool, 2-0.

Damn. I had money on Liverpool.
YEA, I get the US ads. Who will be the best?
Hank C
Yes ....I absolutely hate the half time is a cancer!!

Did anyone see how the bunch of goofs during the halftime ruined the 2005 Grey CUP?
All I know about the Super Bowl is that it has interrupted my favourite Sunday night shows. If Janet Jackson was performing I may have watched the half time show, tho.
I think it was a good game but....

the Seahawks should have won. They scored the first TD, they would have had a second TD if it wasn't for that weak interference call.

Seattle owned that game, the better team got screwed.

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