Harper supports water export; plays into Kleins game!

(thanks to Council of Canadians)

January 17, 2006

Ottawa - The Council of Canadians is concerned with recent statements made by Conservative MP James Lunney favouring bulk exports of Canadian water and is calling on Stephen Harper and the Conservative Party to clarify their position on the issue.

"I think there are big opportunities selling water, whether bulk or bottled," the MP for Nanaimo-Alberni told constituents on December 12, 2005. "If we were to capture some of the water and bottle it. I suspect the effects on the environment would not be that significant, " headded. Despite widespread outrage by concerned citizens and environmental groups, the Conservative Party has remained silent on the issue of bulk water exports.

"Canadians are deeply concerned with the protection of their water,"says Susan Howatt, water campaigner for the Council of Canadians. "They have a right to know the Conservatives' policy on water - especially the bulk export of fresh water - if they hope to form the next government."

"Even Environment Canada acknowledges that bulk water exports would result in a permanent loss of water in a basin and pose significant risk to the ecosystems and communities that depend on the supply of water,"explains Howatt. "If the Conservative Party is planning to take such drastic measures, Canadians should be informed before January 23."

To date, the Conservatives have been vague about their commitment to protect the environment as a whole. As it stands the Conservative Party platform, released on January 13, 2006, says very little about environmental protection and proposes nothing to safeguard Canadian water against commodification. According to Howatt, "the whole issue of Canada's growing water crisis is not addressed, and water is buried within a very thin environmental platform with no coherent strategy."

For more information, please contact:
Meera Karunananthan, Media Officer, Council of Canadians: 613.233.4487 ext 234, 613.795.8685 (cell); meera@canadians.org;
NAFTA included all water including rain, snowmelt, aquifers etc.

Two years after NAFTA was signed the Alberta Consesrvatives received their multi million dollar fully engineered Weatherford project from an Engineering firm in Edmonton. This had 6 pumping stations on it and multi large diameter pipe lines. Each station used the electrical power of a city! The purpose was to move a large part of the flow south for export. This is sitting on the shelf, ready to go as soon as a favorable Government arrives in Ottawa!

If the water from the Peace was dumped into the St. Mary's irrigation system, it would flow back into the US via the Milk River.

Meanwhile Montana are saying we are not entitled to the amount of water we are taking from the St. Mary's as it originates at the St. Mary's glacier in Montana and, the people who signed the agreement with Canada didn't know what they were doing.

Harper's record is one of extremes. I think the council of Canadian's summary is a worth wile read and has a lot of credibility.

We have so many protections in place we take them for granted. There is a large body of people out there who feel this is detramental and would call us left etc. because with argue to protect these things.
I lucked into another blog where a person attened the whole set of meetings and many of the after meetings of the World Trade Orginization.URL Article

Regardless of who gets in we need to be aware as citizens!

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