Republicans say bushCartel were "victims" of "bad intelligence". Presumably they mean CIA-type intelligence rather than the actual bushCartel level of intelligence, but either way, bush & Cartel are far too stupid to be in office.

*I* wasn't a "victim of bad intelligence"; *I* knew the "WMD" and the "threat" and the "ties to al Qaeda" and the "Iraq did 911" were all total 100% bull long before the invasion of Iraq. Michael and Pat both knew the same. Many bloggers on this site and hundreds of other blogs knew. Thousands of articles are available online, dating prior to the invasion, listing all the ways this invasion was bogus.

People such as Scott Ritter and Brent Scowcroft and Gen. Norman Schwarzkopf and the USAF and the DoE, and the IAEA and the entire world except for half the population of America knew before the invasion that it was all bogus.

Poor bush, from his own "disgruntled employees" and "closet Democrats" staff, to the entire world, he's always just a VICTIM...of his own ignorance and stupidity.
Um, totally off topic, but where did you get that great purple hat?
you like it?
yeah, right kewl.
American Voice
It looks blue on my monitor. Swap it for the turban?
Reverend Blair
It looks blue on mine too, which is corrected to the printer at work.
Okay, my eye sight is off a bit. i guess you could call it a 'sky blue' sort of, or maybe a 'bluebell blue'. yeah, that's it. a bluebell blue.
Haggis McBagpipe
Galianomama, that is the bluest hat I've ever seen. Purple is not even a suggestion in that hat. Too much BC bud, I tell ya... too much BC bud.
Hag - you know me so well. We must have met in a former life, I swear!
Haggis McBagpipe
Quote: Originally Posted by galianomama

Hag - you know me so well. We must have met in a former life, I swear!

In the immortal words of Gene Autry, "How come you know me so well when I'm a stranger to myself?"

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