chin picnic- italian music

hello, I'm Vera and I am an Italian girl. in July there will be a celebration of the Italian community in Toronto and would like to know if any of you go there!! I would like to know if you know the singers of this year!!! thanks for your answer
I don't know any of the singers but I might show up this year.

Where in T.O. is it going to be this year?
into Exhibition Place, Toronto. free admission
there are an "old" group: "i ricchi e poveri". a very young singer (15 years). and my fouvorite singer: Valerio Scanu. I advise you his concerts. I hope that this event does know this new italian voice

the name of the young singer is Ernestino...
hi Vera

having grown up in Toronto I do seem to remember something about Italians. But if the "old" group you refer to is anything like Premiata Forneria Marconi
YouTube - ‪Il Banchetto‬‏
...then they'd be a definite must-see.

They gave a pretty good buzz back then.

I saw them live at UofT's Convocation Hall back in '73 or thereabouts. There are no words...

So there's an Italian Justin Bieber, eh?
"the rich and poor"do not have to do with the PFM!! famous song of this group is: "SarÓ perchŔ ti amo". regarding Ernestino, is not a JUSTIN Bibier, as it is a little boy who took part in a music program for children and then for his sympathy was able to conquer other television ... I do not think he did a cd .
Valerio Scanu regard, he is a singer who is 21, has made ​​three CDs, the age of 12 won the race, "Bravo Bravissimo" in 18 years, he was second in a talent show and almost 20 years won the Sanremo Festival. listen: YouTube - ‪Valerio Scanu Sentimento Amici Serale 17 03 2009‬‏
I hope that you will go to attend these concerts !!!!!!!!!! I would also like to know if you have gone in recent years to attend a picnic and other chin which singer you like best! thanks for your time
do you like this video????
The bikini contest is worth seeing, that's the only reason I ever go lol
captain morgan
I hope that you have your camera all ready to go... I do expect photographic evidence.
Quote: Originally Posted by captain morgan View Post

I hope that you have your camera all ready to go... I do expect photographic evidence.

I'll be slapping on the telephoto lens for sure
captain morgan
...... My grand plan, it's all coming together
if you take the camera, you could record other events ( over the bikini contest)??? thanks

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