Keeping Windows SECURE!

Dear users,

I've posted a new article which serves as a pretty useful guide in keeping your computer clean from unwanted elements and harmful components.

I've written and posted it at

Please take a moment follow these steps and insuring your system is protected. You'll be happy you did!

All the best!
Paranoid Dot Calm
Hi! Andem

That was a good read. Imformative.
I copied and saved it for future reference.

My operating system is WinXP Pro.

I've never used any other browser but Explorer. I've read alot about different browser and capabilities, but just never had the inclination to change.

I use Norton Anti-Virus and I've not had a virus since the Bug22 trip was happening about 2 years ago, or more.

I use the Norton Personal firewall.

For Spyware, I use Pest Patrol
Hey Andem ... Very useful article to have saved ... Thanks
Very informative. I am thinking of trying another browser. I always thought non IE browsers were inferior but apparently I am wrong. The less microsoft the better.
No1important, I'd recommend Firefox ( ).

I'm forced to use XP at the office, but I still use my Firefox web browser. It works really well, keeps those pesky pop-up windows at bay and I think you'll really like the tabbed, multiple web pages feature.

Of course, it's completely free so download a copy, burn it to CD and pass it around to all of your friends.

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