New energy royalties system on the way, says Alberta premier

CBC News
Alberta Premier Ed Stelmach offered vague hints Wednesday about how his government will handle the divisive issue of oil and gas royalties, suggesting a new framework for charging fees is on the way.
Premier Ed Stelmach speaks to reporters in Edmonton Tuesday.
Stelmach spoke during a 19-minute televised state-of-the-province address, his first official response to a government-commissioned report that called for energy companies to pay $2 billion more annually to develop the province's non-renewable resources.
While the premier said Albertans will have to wait until a Thursday news conference to learn details, he suggested energy companies will be given time to adapt to the new system.
The government-appointed panel rocked the oil and gas industry when it concluded Albertans were not getting their fair share, and called for the royalty rates charged to energy companies to increase by 20 per cent or about $2 billion a year.
Stelmach has said the big oil lobbying won't intimidate him, but Alberta NDP Leader Brian Mason doesn't buy it.
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What do you think a fair deal would be for Alberta?

Global News is broadcasting from Saskatoon, and they asked a guy from the trust if they'd consider moving out of Calgary to Saskatchewan.

That would be awesome!

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