Huge threat from banned goods - Dr. Epstein

The reason that people generally do not engage in cancer or global warming discussion is that they "just don't want to believe it".

Or, they may be too lazy or busy to want to know HOW to save their own lives, or their kids and grandkids lives. Afraid of the truth perhaps. Thats more common I think. Its not a complex thing to avoid the major hazards or to ask our elected memebers to do something about the [known] hazards.

Its just about having the will to do it.
"There is lots on information out there not given to us that would save lives"
- Dr. Epstein

In any case, Dr. Epstein has come out and said that:

- beef banned in Europe over horemones that are definately linked to cancer is eaten daily by Canadians - "The major effect, well documented and studied, is cancer" he said.
- Canadian milk too.Banned in Europe.The Doc says direct link to cancer. Horemones with known cancer links.
- "the Pill [birth control pill] is the largest unregulated trial ever" [and responsible for women getting breast cancer] "They didn't tell me that" say women on the pill, there is no warning on the packages.

_ "Its an epidemic now in Canada, with 1 in 2 getting cancer in their lifetimes." {K-thats the 2nd time I heard this statistic in one week!!

- "Its all about business - there is no product for sale in prevention, so the only action being used is TREATMENT, and that only serve to create more incentives for more cancers by doing exactly what we are doing NOW"

There is $37Billion spend each year on cancer treatments, so who would stand in the way of that money flowing? Nobody who values their life!! I am old" , he said, "it doesn't matter for me now"

Dr.Epstein says it is CancerGate:
"A Conspiracy between the corporate pill makers and govt. and groups like the Canadian Cancer Society who have not informed the public on these vast range of ways to avoid cancer"
note - read his book "CancerGate"

Salient QUOTES from Dr. Epstein:

"The more money you spend on cancer, the more cancer you get"

"We are spending our money on damage control - screening, diagnosis, treatment - nothing on prevention [from the major sources of cancer, which are environmental toxins]. "

"You save lives by PREVENTING cancer, not by EXCLUSIVELY trying to treat it"

"there has been no spending on effective prevention, only treatment where the money is ; prevention now is totally on blaming the victim, not addressing the toxins"

There are two camps :

- one that media makes out to portray as the conspiracy camp , those who are saying because there is information out there that they are not telling you because there is a gazillion dollars at stake
- and the camp who blithely ignores it and says "go ahead, get cancer, its ok, live with it, its part of life, its like a chronic disease and spend all that money because its a good thing - we will keep people alive longer"

This is the 2nd book he wrote, he has been saying this since 1978, and cancer has exploded since then, - it looks like he was completely right, we should have listened to him :
I came across this while researching Dr. Epstein:

Interesting. There are always two sides to every argument I find. I'm not disputing the previous post but having worked within the medical field and finding that with every research study that comes out one week being disputed by another the following week, I have learned not to take all medical theories, studies, research, etc. as the gospel truth. Above all else, research on your own. Not everything you read is 100% truth.
It's sort of tough to do your own research. For instance,check Sunlight soap ingredients...a couple of them are carcinogenic. Check other products,and they will have some sort of carcinogenic in them.
Now the manufacturers will say that it appears in such small amounts,it can do no harm to human beings.However,one wonders about the cumulative effects of "small" amounts.
Wendy Mesley just did a documentary about carcinogenics,and raised several scary scenarios.
As consumers,I don't think we know enough.Our government officials likely don't do in-depth studies because they fear the result...and they fear the reaction of big business.

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