Its a first at Canadian Tire

One thing I always did like about Canadian Tire was their return policy . Well this time around I was shock and surprise when I try to return a electic power washer which I only used one time . I wasn't happy with it and I brought it back to find out that they wouldn't refund my money . Has this ever happen to you with a item ? First time for me . I was told I can only get exchange . I then ask for store credits which they finally agree to but even still I was surprise they didn't give me a refund ...
I've had good luck with them. Walked in with a cracked light fixture the other day, but they didn't have any left in that same size. So, I grabbed a one light style instead of a two, with the exact same globes and asked if we could just switch the globes out. The girl explained that if she did that, she'd have no way to write it off at store level. I said, "well then, ring this single one through and return it, because I foresee it having a cracked globe." Done.

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