Much Music doesn't play music anymore

Remember when Much Music played videos? Now it seems that all they play are reality shows. Some girl gets a make over, re-inacts a Britney video or whatever. It sucks. I dont even watch it anymore. Is it a sign that popular music is crap?
Reverend Blair
There's a punk show on in the middle of the night sometimes that actually still plays videos.Other than that, Pimp My Ride seems to be on every single time I flip over to Much.

Conspicuous consumption as a spectator sport. They should be ashamed of themselves.
Jo Canadian

Is it a sign that popular music is crap?

It's more like a sign that much music is playing this crap to get more ratings.

The discovery channel went through that too, now instead of informative and ecucational programing it has American chopper, The top 10 this and that and Monster machine crap

I miss the music too before they started playing the bubblegum crap.
I think they still play videos sometimes over on MuchMoreMusic. But of course, it's not the most modern videos.. Which I don't mind

But MM is pretty much following what the music channels down south are doing.
Yes but thats the problem. I dont think they're playing good music. They want to appeal to 17 year old girls (which most record companies or any company wants to). The problem is that there are other people with different tastes that they're alienating.
I find that it isn't even about the music anymore. People (cultureless masses) are looking for videos that are "cool" and have near naked people running around. Pop music is so formulated. They just use the same old formula (hot girl/guy, big boobs/muscles). The videos are all formulated too. Rap=naked women, escalades and cars with rims. Pop=cheesy group dancing, highschool setting or street setting. Alternative/Rock/Punk= Frames of band playing, out of focus, grainy, dirty look, usually in crack houses. It is hard to find good music today. Nobody makes a solid album either. Only one or two songs are good.

That's just my opinion.

I agree with Jo Canadian about the dumbing down of TV(discovery). Perhaps a statement of NA society.
I find most of it packaged and with little real talent. In fact I don't think talent has much to do with it.

Thats what great about the internet, you get to find and hear alot of different music not the mainstream. I like alot of the british bands.
Me too. I think Franz Ferdinand is good. They're from Scotland. Would never have heard them unless I downloaded. I went on line, they said fans of Modest Mouse would like them, so i downloaded some tunes, and now I'm a fan.
Quote: Originally Posted by Gonzo

Is it a sign that popular music is crap?

Or is it a sign people don't watch music videos anymore?
I noticed that, they did what MTV did ,played videos now its all "programs". I notice CMT does that now from 4-1am pst they very rarely show videos anymore. Mucmmoremusic is even showing less videos and more "reality" type of shows.

Unfortunatly shaw digital does not carry much more retro, much loud or much vibe for some reason.

I think the music networks think people are caught up in reality type shows now, like Newlyweds or Ashlee simpson or the surreal life. In my opinion those shows suck.

But being on the west coast I can be outside most of the time so it does not bother me as much anymore. It is a nuisance they don't show many videos so I don't watch their channels because of it.
Much Music me thinks not more like Much Garbag e
It's sad when you long for the 80's. At least then you had some interesting videos, and Samantha Fox!
MuchMusic is garbage. The only decent videos show up on The Wedge or when they play 80s tunes (as cheesy as that is)
Everytime I happen to flip by that channel now I see Usher in his tightie whities singing about his 'Confessions' . The youth of today are unbelievable.[/img]
The Wedge is still one of their best shows and there is another one that shows a double shot of video by bands that is pretty decent..this morning I saw Beverly Hills{Weezer's latest] and their oldie "The Sweater Song"
I like the Wedge, but it's not on the best timeslot to get enough viewers.
You mean not everyone is up at 3:30 in the morning? This morning,I had the choice of either watching this or "Smackdown".Feel like I made the right choice. : :
Reverend Blair
I'm often up at that hour, usually stumbling around and bitching that I can't sleep.

I tend to watch CLT or the U of W channels though. It's like going to university, but without having to talk to the pretentious pricks who control access to the beer.
At least,you are improving your mind. I usually watch "Springer"
Hey!!! shouldn't this thread be titled Much Music doesn't play much music anymore ? :P Just Wondering...

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