Last week there were around approx. 40,000 German citizen's demonstrating against the German government and it's Covid 19 restrictions. They want most of those restrictions lifted and thrown pretty much in the garbage. They want their old normal lives back. I say good for them because this hoax of a virus has gone far enough and has caused more problems for society with millions of job losses and businesses having to shut down for good. Not to forget about the thousands of deaths that have resulted from this hoax virus scamdemic.

Our children and grandchildren are suffering from not being able to socialize as they once did. No more little league baseball or football games. No more house party's with over 50 people or more. I want to be able to once again go back to crowded football/hockey stadiums. I want to go to a casino. I want to be able to go to a concert or night club. I want my old life back now. No more of this globalist deep state elite tyranny anymore. Gates, go to hell.

I want my old normal life back. I do not want to see anymore forced wearing of face diaper masks on people. No more lock downs and business shut downs. No more forced quarantining. To be able to travel once again wherever I wanted to go without restrictions like having to wear masks on a plane. The opening up of the American and Canadian land borders to travel once again. Those borders have always been opened to North Americans to come and go as we pleased.

Enough already. It is time for the they the people covidiots out there to start and show some balls and say that they are not going to live and keep following and take this bull shit virus nonsense anymore. Start acting like leaders. End this hoax virus now. Works well for me.