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My FIRST Rebel News video — letting mosques broadcast the call to prayer is WRONG!


You’ve probably seen me as a guest on Ezra Levant’s Rebel News show, but for those of you who don’t know me, my name is Raheel Raza.
I’m Muslim. I’m a woman. And I fight against radical Islam.
I’m also proud to announce that I am now the chairman of the Rebel News Advisory Board, a new group that will advise and assist the Rebel News team on issues pertaining to our individual expertise.
As a new member of the Rebel News team, I’ll be sharing my deep knowledge and opinions on key issues related to Islamist extremism and Jihadism.
For instance, have you heard of the latest on bylaws being amended during the pandemic to suit mosques?
You almost won’t believe what’s happening!
To appease the Canadian Muslim population — and after a monumental push by Islamists — some politicians and administrators have allowed the call to prayer, known as the Azaan, to be publicly broadcast over loudspeakers in Canadian towns and cities.

I think letting mosques blast out their call to prayer is wrong.

For more than two decades, I have been trying to tell my fellow Canadians the difference between the Islamic faith and the wave of Islamism, which is a radical ideology that has swept across the Islamic world with devastating consequences.
If Canadian politicians don’t heed my warnings and understand what the rise of Islamism has done to foreign lands, it will only end up in Canada, too!

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My FIRST Rebel News video letting mosques broadcast the call to prayer is WRONG!

I am inclined to AGREE! Radical Islam is PLAIN WRONG!

Even moderate Muslims will insist that Sharia Law is superior to any law made by our Parliament or a Congress!

Muslims tell us Sharia Law is "The Most Perfect System"! Which is clearly BULLSH+T since Muslims blow each other up

MUCH MORE FREQUENTLY than they blow up Westerners!

The Muslim PUSH for the daily call to prayer is simply a WEDGE ISSUE designed to lead to FURTHER CDN govt CONCESSIONS!

As always with shameless vote buying LIE-berals - the DEVIL is in the details!

One issue is VOLUME! It is one thing for a lone man - the Muezzin - to use his own voice for the call to prayer!

It is quite another thing for the Muezzin to USE A HIGH POWERED MEGAPHONE - UP TO FIVE TIMES PER DAY!

There IS one niggling little detail that helps idiot LIE-berals push through this Muslim CRAP and that is CHURCH BELLS!

Christian Churches do have their BELLS! Of course the Churches generally ONLY RING for a BRIEF time on Sunday mornings!

None of that 5 times per day stuff and no immense electrical system bellowing out across most of the city!

Church Bells are MUCH MORE MODEST AND DISCREET than the average Muezzin with a big loud speaker!

Neither LIE-berals NOR Muslims care about such things though!

The TRUTH IS this crap is all about PROMOTING ISLAM and buying LIE-beral votes!

And TO HELL with what ordinary Cdns might want or feel was fair!
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My FIRST Rebel News video letting mosques broadcast the call to prayer is WRONG!

This woman is full of it. Islam is jihad and jihad is Islamic. Right from the start, Islam was a dominating religion. Its prophet murdered and tricked many, along with robbing caravans. If the Quran is truly the latest revelation from Allah, it must be heeded. No matter how contradictory, it must be obeyed. I've read enough of their supposedly holy book to know that it contradicts itself and abrogation means that the later "revelations" supersede earlier ones. If these Muslims want to practice their faith, they need to read what their "holy" book says.

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