Looking for a GWAR picture

Right, I have googled my butt off and have thus far been unable to find a decent image of a character named Skroda Moon from the band GWAR.

I have a miniature of the character that I am supposed to paint for a friend, but all's I can find for reference are really crappy face-shots which do NOT help since I kinda have to know what the whole thing looks like in order to paint it up right

Anyone know where a picture might be found?? Barring that (and I know it's a stretch) anyone able to describe what the character looks like, colour-wise overall??

Thanks for even bothering to read this, I know it's damn obscure
Umm...have you ever heard gwar?

A friend of mine was into that crap and I still find it surprising they have an audience.

....anyways, does this help?

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Thanks for the attempt man- Skroda is NOT in them pics tho, they mostly feature the core members, whereas the one I'm looking for is a sort of one-off character...

He has a moon-shaped head with testicles for the chin/base and a penis-head thing (usually covered with a little velvet wizards hat) at the top...

I am at wits end trying to find a good reference

Oh and as for their "music"- they're a little too.. well a little something for my tastes, I view them more as a weird blend of DARK humour and theatre- the movie Skullhedface is a FINE feature...

Thanks for giving it a shot tho, you never know when one might hit the one damn thing I missed

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