Venezuela's Chavez sworn in again, vows 'socialism or death'

CBC News
Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez was sworn in for another six years on Wednesday, vowing to press ahead with a sweeping socialist agenda.

Hugo Chevez makes no secret of what he wants to do and where he wants to take the country. He seems to be able to win elections fairly. If that country is left alone, to develop with no more interference, it will be interesting to see what a wealthy socialist country will be like. There was an old saying that," A communist is a capitalist with no money". Here is a socialist country with money coming out of it's ears. If Chevez is true to his word, and I see no reason to doubt him, Venezuela should be a model that others might follow. Oil rich nations in Africa have not been exactly democratic utopias.
Glad he chose the latter for himself but the citizens of Venezuela will be suffering his legacy of socialism for many years to come.
For forms of government let fools contest
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