Woman who was raped worries about man's sexsomnia defence


We need to place some limits on this. For example, a person should not be allowed to use a sexsomnia defense if he freely, willingly, and knowingly consumed a recreational mind-altering substance such as alcohol or cannabis that could potentially have contributed to the act.

He should also not be able to use the sexsomnia defense if he chose to share a bed with a person without a legitimate reason (with the law still broadly interpreting a legitimate reason in the accused's favour).

I'm not denying that sexsomnia might be a legitimate defense; but then we need to ensure that a person take reasonable precautions to prevent it from happening and not contribute negligently to putting himself in a situation in which he might do such a thing. If he acts in such a way as to increase the probability of this happening, then he should have to take responsibility for his actions.
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Cannabis is not a mind altering drug.

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