GE sets new 52 week low

GE has long since left the world of 52 week lows and is now at a multi year low.

Your hint was when I mentioned that it was below 2008 lows
GE is setting up to take down the big 5 banks in a debt tsunami.
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GE is setting up to take down the big 5 banks in a debt tsunami.

Should try reading the article.
under 8 bucks now

Why are you even here st this point cheerleader biy?
Thanks a lot Jack Welch. He essentially took Thomas Edison's venerable, century old, producer of quality consumer electronics, appliances and industrial generators and aircraft engines and turned it into a 'player' in the derivatives and speculative games of global finance. He gutted the culture of innovation, long term research and investment for short term profit spikes without any kind of product or consumer focus.

The corporate culture of GE became one of fear, backstabbing, downsizing and conformity to immediate results with massive payouts to executives in stock incentives; with no planning horizon further than the next quarter or year.

GE Capital has now been chopped up and sold off beginning in 2015. But GE has been unable to rebuild its reputation. It seems likely now the entire corporation will be sold off piecemeal to 'maximize shareholder value' and will simply disappear int the next few years. OId Tom will be spinning in his grave.
$7.15 new low posted today.

the massacre continues.
Ge hits $6.99 before closing at $7.01

short interest is dwindling and the bottom may be in sight.

if you bought at $18 that's a shame.
Curious Cdn
GE stock = bumfodder
GE hits $6.75 and closes under $7 at $6.93

on 19 Dec the one cent dividend gets paid and that Thursday and Friday might be a good time to buy some of this ish as a trade.
Good time to buy.
Curious Cdn
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Good time to buy.

Not yet, Walter.

It goes lower than that.

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