California wildfires leave at least 6 dead, cause 'unbelievable' destruction

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Snuck up on ya did they. Why am I not surprised?

After the Holocene Climate Optimum (Altithermal, Climatic Optimum, Holocene Megathermal, Holocene Optimum, Holocene Thermal Maximum, Hypsithermal, and Mid-Holocene Warm Period) glaciers regained 38km on Greenland. How did you not notice?

The Holocene Climate Optimum warm event consisted of increases of up to 4 C near the North Pole (in one study, winter warming of 3 to 9 C and summer of 2 to 6 C in northern central Siberia).[1] Northwestern Europe experienced warming, but there was cooling in Southern Europe.[2] The average temperature change appears to have declined rapidly with latitude and so essentially no change in mean temperature is reported at low and middle latitudes. Tropical reefs tend to show temperature increases of less than 1 C; the tropical ocean surface at the Great Barrier Reef about 5350 years ago was 1 C warmer and enriched in 1 by 0.5 per mil relative to modern seawater.[3] In terms of the global average, temperatures were probably warmer than now (depending on estimates of latitude dependence and seasonality in response patterns).[citation needed] While temperatures in the Northern Hemisphere were warmer than average during the summers, the Tropics and parts of the Southern Hemisphere were colder than average.[4]

Out of 140 sites across the western Arctic, there is clear evidence for conditions warmer than now at 120 sites. At 16 sites, where quantitative estimates have been obtained, local HTM temperatures were on average 1.60.8 C higher than now. Northwestern North America had peak warmth first, from 11,000 to 9,000 years ago, and the Laurentide ice sheet still chilled the continent. Northeastern North America experienced peak warming 4,000 years later. Along the Arctic Coastal Plain in Alaska, there are indications of summer temperatures 23 C warmer than present.[5] Research indicates that the Arctic had less sea ice than the present.[6]

Current desert regions of Central Asia were extensively forested due to higher rainfall, and the warm temperate forest belts in China and Japan were extended northwards.[7]

West African sediments additionally record the African Humid Period, an interval, between 16,000 and 6,000 years ago, when Africa was much wetter. This was caused by a strengthening of the African monsoon by changes in summer radiation, resulting from long-term variations in the Earth's orbit around the Sun. The "Green Sahara" was dotted with numerous lakes, containing typical African lake crocodile and hippopotamus fauna. A curious discovery from the marine sediments is that the transitions into and out of the wet period occurred within decades, not the previously-thought extended periods.[8] It is hypothesized that humans played a role in altering the vegetation structure of North Africa at some point after 8,000 years ago, when they introduced domesticated animals. This introduction contributed to the rapid transition to the arid conditions found in many locations in the Sahara.[9]

In the far Southern Hemisphere (New Zealand and Antarctica), the warmest period during the Holocene appears to have been roughly 8,000 to 10,500 years ago, immediately following the end of the last ice age.[10][11] By 6,000 years ago, the time normally associated with the Holocene Climatic Optimum in the Northern Hemisphere, they had reached temperatures similar to present ones, and they did not participate in the temperature changes of the north. However, some authors have used the term "Holocene Climatic Optimum" to describe the earlier southern warm period, as well.

When you quote somebody you are supposed to give them credit.

Lining the two graphs up side by side, you can see the more than one trillion tons of ice which Greenlands surface has gained over the past two years.

I assume more ice is typical of exiting an ice-age in a steady progression.
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Of course you love paying taxes . Please explain to me how paying taxes that go directly into general revenue to pay for ministers , bureaucrats and various government hanger ons yto fly around the world is doing anything to combat climate change . Until that and many other circles get squared I say bugger off . If climate change posed as big of a threat as all you chicken littles maintain do you really think so many smart rich people would be continuing to gobble up any and all waterfront property ? Come man it is nothing but a wealth distribution plan with central governments being the main beneficiary .

Looks like your so-called "smart rich people" are in for a rude awakening.

EXCLUSIVE: How Hurricane Irma devastated Donald Trump's $16.5m Caribbean estate by felling palm trees and turning swimming pool BLACK
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Looks like your so-called "smart rich people" are in for a rude awakening.
EXCLUSIVE: How Hurricane Irma devastated Donald Trump's $16.5m Caribbean estate by felling palm trees and turning swimming pool BLACK

No black allowed in Trump's pool!

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