Jonestown, 40 years on.

Jonestown and the Jane Fonda Crowd

Yep. And some would have you believe Jones wasn’t a socialist/Marxist.
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And some would have you believe GE was a buy at $18
I think you've lost it Wally.
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I think you've lost it Wally.

He's lost what?

He never had it in the first place.
Walnut will take any opportunity to try and push that socialism is bad and only capitalist offer a glimmer of hope even though that system is why the nations are $75T in the hole.
Walnut is also lacking the knowledge that Judaism is socialism at it's best, . . . if it did not leave all non-Jews out in the cold.

The words socialism and socialist were first used about the year 1830 but the origin of the ideas which led to the establishment of the modern labor movement goes back to the time of the French Revolution. For a variety of reasons Jews were attracted to socialism as it developed in Western Europe. Some regarded it as the building of a "just society" based on the teachings of the Bible and the Prophets, while others were attracted by its revolutionary nature. Thus, while some Jews saw socialism as a reply to antisemitism, there were also Jews who saw in it a way of getting rid of their Jewish heritage and serving the cause of the "Brotherhood of Man." Socialism was particularly attractive for Jews anxious to leave the ghetto behind them and who, disappointed with the slow progress of 19th-century liberalism, were keen to embrace a new universal faith.