Canada Day plans?

Any plans for the Canada Day weekend/holiday?
L Gilbert
Yup - continue to enjoy life. Eating, sleeping, breathing,playing with my garden, tinkering with machines, maybe a little boating and camping, etc.
Hanging out at my parents' cabin for a night. Nothing beats a cabin community on a celebratory night. Fun times.
I am hanging out with 5 kids at the childrens festival...then the parade, then for Birthday cake at Grammmas...will be a fun filled "the boy is 7" party!
Definitely won't be driving anywhere, we make sure we stay off the highways on long

I'll put my flag out on the gate, build a picnic basket, and whomever in the family &
their friends want to join in, are welcome. The name is 'Kin Beach', a nice playground
type acerage, with swings etc., and very close to the ocean, picinc tables, place to
play ball, etc. and the view is breathtaking, georgia strait, coast mountains, what more
could one ask.

Early evening we will be on the golf course, as usual.

Just enjoy and be thankful to be canadian.
Dexter Sinister
All the booze and sex and barbecue I can cram into it without hurting myself...
Quote: Originally Posted by Dexter Sinister View Post

All the booze and sex and barbecue I can cram into it without hurting myself...

Alone again, eh?
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Alone again, eh?

lol lol
L Gilbert
I'll be taking my son to the dentist.
Has he been bad then...........

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