Forum Re-Direct to... What?

Normally in my browser I type "can..." which auto-fills to "" to get to these forums..... um... but just a few seconds ago and even right now as I type this, I am redirected to this:

Hello, My Name Is Pabst

Some site about babies named by "Non-Conformists, Indie, Geeky, DIY, Hipsters" and other types of Beatnik Wannabes.

Interesting re-direct you got going on in here.

typing "" works ok, it's just when you leave the forums. part off.

or is it just my computer?

It seems to go to CanadianContent when you add the http://www. to it... but leave it off and you go to the above site.
same here. interesting.
I new Andem was young, but one and one-half is much younger than expected.
#4 auto fills to Canadian tire......because it's in my favorites
How often do you guys delete your browsing history???

I seem to recall that someone linked to that site, a week or two ago, because I remember seeing it before on the forum.....But I clean my cache, browsing and search history daily, a habit I picked up when a 4 gig hard drive was a lot of computer.
I also clear my dns cache.
This is one thing I hate about start typing a search phrase and up pops a search page before I'm finished typing up pops a page and you have to use the mouse to put the cursor back in the search window to finish what you were typing, and since I watch the keyboard and not the makes it worse ..
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I have WIndows 8 now.... I have no idea how I would even start deleting history etc.
I just save the forum in my bookmarks (favourites on a PC)). It always takes to the sign in page. Why type it in every time?
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Just a small mis-configuration in new server settings.
Quote: Originally Posted by Andem View Post

Just a small mis-configuration in new server settings.

Just checked... fixed
Quote: Originally Posted by Praxius View Post

Just checked... fixed

Thanks for letting me know.
Good work skipper!

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