Scheer swimming with the nattys

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I notice you have to say "we".
Too scared to stand on your own and wave the natty flag
Even on the internet you have to gather like rats.

Unlike you I am not a rascist wimp.Now go back to school sonny.
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Not me.

Nor me.

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....I am not a rascist wimp.

Of course you are

So do i.
Macleans is stealing my stuff.
At any rate Scheer's big problem is, in short, you.
How does he cultivate the white natty climate change denier vote (and he needs that vote) while at the same time claiming not to be one?
Trump got around that problem by not even bothering to pretend he wasn't what he was. Of course he had the electoral college factor so did not need that many votes anyway.
There is no way Scheer ever gets control of parliament with the same old tory strategy. He needs to bring in all of the whack jobs.
btw has anyone figured out why all these rightie leaders are fat little white guys?

every one of hem

its kind of spooky

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