MANDEL: Doc reprimanded for 'sexist and judgmental comments'
Michele Mandel
April 5, 2019
April 5, 2019 10:28 PM EDT
Dr. Jack Stanborough (Toronto Sun files)
Dr. Jack Stanborough has been ordered to work on his bedside manner.
The former regional coroner for Hamilton had his knuckles rapped by the Health Professions Appeal and Review Board (HPARB) for his “paternalistic” and judgmental way in dealing with two female patients who came to him for sexually transmitted disease (STD) testing.
The review board upheld the ruling by a committee of the College of Physicians and Surgeons that the family doctor must be cautioned in person about his patient communications “in particular, inappropriate, sexist and judgmental comments to young women who are trying to take responsibility for their sexual health” and undergo a remediation program which includes a course on “understanding boundaries.”
According to the decisions, B.B. (patients’ names are covered by a publication ban) had come to a clinic to receive results of her STD tests. She complained Stanborough asked if she’d been a “naughty girl” and then told her the results were negative and “your wild nights of chasing boys didn’t catch up to you.”
Not surprisingly, B.B. called him on it right away, calling his judgmental attitude “inappropriate.” She said he then touched her arm in a gesture of apology which “she experienced as invasive and violating.”
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B.B. vacillated about filing a complaint but went ahead, she said, to “protect other patients who could possibly be subjected to unwarranted humiliation and hypersexualization, which is never justifiable regardless of their private, consensual sexual behaviour. A doctor’s office should be a bastion against stigmatization.”
Stanborough called her allegations “complete fabrications.” While he tried to lighten the mood to put her at ease, he denied saying anything about being a naughty girl chasing boys or anything else to suggest she was promiscuous.
The college, though, had received several other complaints about this doctor, including an inappropriate comment about a patient’s underwear. Stanborough is “building a history of communication-based complaints, especially with women. Although (he) has denied B.B’s allegations, if true, his comments reveal a sexist and judgmental attitude towards a young woman who was being responsible about her sexual health.”
Stanborough, who said he no longer sees patients in a clinical practice, complained the punishment was excessive and amounted to “gender discrimination.” He also claimed the college was biased against him because he’d been outspoken against the provincial government after he was terminated as regional coroner in 2016.
Stanborough told the CBC at the time that he was “paid to go away” for criticizing government agencies during death inquests.
The review board saw both claims as red herrings.
They reached the same conclusion after the doctor appealed a similar college committee decision against him.
A.A. complained that when she went in to request STD testing after having symptoms with a new sexual partner, Stanborough was “condescending and rude:” He told her she was wasting resources by getting tested too often and his advice was that she should insist on condoms and “only sleep with good fellas.”
She also complained to the college: “Overall, I am horrified by my experience with this doctor as I see nothing wrong with being a young individual getting STI testing after having sex with a new partner, especially since I had noticed a symptom that gave me cause for concern.”
The college committee investigating her complaint found Stanborough’s attitude was demeaning and paternalistic and, together with the previous complaint, a “troubling pattern” in his interactions with female patients.
Once again, the doctor of 30 years claimed gender discrimination and a witch hunt against him. The review board found otherwise — so remedial training and a caution has been prescribed for the offending doc.
Stanborough hadn’t yet heard of the decision when reached by the Toronto Sun. “That’s disappointing,” he said while declining further comment.
But when asked about his contention at the hearing that he was the subject of a vendetta, he said, “that’s the least of it.”
Curious Cdn
With a name like Scarborough, you know that he's waaaay out there.
Quote: Originally Posted by Curious CdnView Post

With a name like Scarborough, you know that he's waaaay out there.

Here is a FUNNY article that will be swiftly buried by LIE-beral friendly and quite hypocritical news media. With some comments of my own in brackets):

California #MeToo leader accused of groping man

Associated Press. Published: February 8, 2018. Updated: February 8, 2018 10:18 PM EST

Filed Under:

Toronto SUN/ News/ World


SACRAMENTO, Calif. — California Democratic Assemblywoman Cristina Garcia, the head of the Legislative Women’s Caucus and a leading figure in the state’s anti-sexual harassment movement, is accused of groping a male staffer from another lawmaker’s office.

(So- as a lot of men have suspected all along- most of the MeToo leaders are grand standers and publicity Hogs more interested in finding a soap box to attract publicity rather than real seekers after honest justice! These hypocrites think it is justice to ruin a man with innuendo. Actual evidence that can be brought into a law court and judged honestly is NOT NEEDED! Such hypocrites!)

Daniel Fierro told The Associated Press on Thursday that Garcia stroked his back, squeezed his buttocks and attempted to touch his crotch in a dugout after a legislative softball game in 2014.

Fierro didn’t report it at the time but in January told his former boss, Democratic Assemblyman Ian Calderon, who reported it to Assembly leaders. The Assembly is now investigating Garcia.

Politico first reported Fierro’s accusation.

Garcia’s spokeswoman Teala Schaff said the assemblywoman learned Jan. 23 a complaint was filed but was given no details and only learned the specifics of the allegations from Politico.

“Every complaint about sexual harassment should be taken seriously and I will participate fully in any investigation that takes place,” the Los Angeles-area lawmaker said in a statement Thursday. “I have zero recollection of engaging in inappropriate behaviour and such behaviour is inconsistent with my values.”

The investigation into Garcia is one of many in statehouses nationwide following a wave of sexual misconduct allegations against men in power since an October expose of movie mogul Harvey Weinstein by the New York Times.

Fierro said he decided to tell Calderon about the incident because of Garcia’s outspokenness in the #MeToo movement, which references the social media campaign used by millions to tell personal experiences with sexual harassment.

“If the person leading the charge on it isn’t credible it just ends up hurting the credibility of these very real stories,” Fierro told the AP.

Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon, a Democrat, said in a statement he is directing human resources to reach out to Garcia’s staff to make sure they feel safe.

“I trust that while the investigation proceeds, Assemblymember Garcia will respond appropriately and in a way that fortifies the Legislature’s effort to create a new climate,” he said.

Fierro, who was 25 at the time, said he was interviewed by an outside law firm hired by the Assembly Rules Committee last Friday. Politico also reported that a lobbyist who declined to be named claimed Garcia made crude sexual comments and tried to grab his crotch at a 2017 fundraiser.

(OH! Now we have multiple accusers! And in the latest news we have new allegations of sexual impropriety from 4 other staffers who quit for various reasons. SHE is apparently a criminal! AND HYPOCRITE!)

Garcia was elected in 2012 and has carved out a name as a champion of women’s issues and environmental health for poor communities and chairs the Women’s Caucus.

(Author Christina Hoff-Somers details the hypocrisy of these “champions of women`s issues” in her book “Who Stole Feminism”. Hoff-Sumers details numerous instances of falsified statistics and radically altered interpretations of law and the rules of evidence by feminists in order to create the appearance of a crisis! U of T professor Jordan Peterson is under personal attack for pointing out that the values being taught in various colleges and universities are entirely at odds with main stream public opinion! And a teaching assistant at Laurier University was nearly fired for daring to present a fair and open clip of a debate played on TVO/The Agenda- the rather popular talk show that does a fine job of discussing events in an open and honest fashion! To condemn The Agenda as morally wrong for merely discussing a contentious issue is to condemn western civilization and democracy! Refusing even to allow honest discussion is the hallmark of Fascists- exactly the kind of people now infesting our schools!)

Democratic Sen. Connie Leyva, co-chair of the women’s caucus, said she was “shocked and disturbed” at the allegations and she will ask the group to meet soon to discuss Garcia’s fate as leader.

Garcia’s photo was featured in Time Magazine’s Person of the Year issue on being one of the “Silence Breakers” on sexual harassment.

“I refuse to work with (Assemblyman Raul Bocanegra) and anyone who takes part in harassment or assault,” she tweeted in October after it was reported Bocanegra had been disciplined in 2009 for groping a colleague. Bocanegra later resigned after more women made public accusations.

Garcia was a fierce advocate for legislation signed by Gov. Jerry Brown on Monday giving legislative staff members whistleblower protections for reporting sexual misconduct or other misbehaviour, speaking at a rally on the Capitol steps after its passage. She’s tweeted repeatedly about the importance of sexual consent in recent days.

Fierro and the lobbyist said it appeared Garcia was inebriated at the time of the encounters.

(It occurs to me to ask: ”just how damned ENTITLED do all these horn dog politicians think they are anyway” Apparently these Hogs see nothing wrong with wining and dining on the govt gravy train and then grabbing at any erogenous zone that catches their eye! How PIGGISH are they? And why should we put up with them at all? Replace them all- there are LOTS of other new candidates waiting in the wings! Vote early and vote often-SCREW ALL THE HOGS!)

In a November interview with AP about alcohol-fueled fundraisers and other after-work events that are a part of regular business in Sacramento, Garcia said blaming alcohol isn’t an acceptable excuse for sexually inappropriate behaviour. It’s men who chose to misbehave, not the social events themselves, that create the problems, she said.

(And what about the women who also misbehave? Oh we don’t want to discuss them- it might make women look bad! Women trading on their looks is as old as time!)

“I would say that most of the public realizes that our job is based on relationships, and so we are expected to go out there and socialize,” she said. “I think our public also expects us to hold ourselves to a higher standard.”

(What the public KNOWS is that MeToo is about money and power and who gets to control it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

The Assembly committee said last week that eight allegations of sexual harassment are pending in the Assembly but did not divulge any names. Debra Gravert, the chief administrative officer, didn’t respond to an email from AP seeking clarifation whether Fierro’s allegation is one of the eight pending. Fierro said he was contacted by Rules several days after telling Calderon about the incident for an initial interview before speaking with outside lawyers for more than an hour last week.

Fierro, of Cerritos, left the Assembly in 2016 and now runs a communications firm. Calderon, his former boss, is now the majority leader. Lerna Shirinian, Calderon’s communications director, said Fierro told her about the incident right after it happened.

“He was in shock, I was in shock — but the culture was very different back then,” Shirinian told Politico.
Quote: Originally Posted by MowichView Post

Your point being that because this one be crazy, no woman has ever been raped?

OK, thanks, Judge Camp.
Curious Cdn
Quote: Originally Posted by MowichView Post

There's a PhD thesis in that and a tenured professorship, to boot.

What happens when dominant lesbians fart?
Quote: Originally Posted by spilledthebeerView Post

Aint it GRAND to be a judge!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No need to actually pay attention or think hard.........................

or do much of anything ................................

other than NOT SNORE or fall off your chair when testimony is being given!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And WHY is there such a time lag between when a guilty verdict is given........................
and eventually the sentence is finally handed out?????????????????????????
Should we assume the judge is reading all the bits of testimony he SLEPT THROUGH???????????????????
The legal system needs to be cleaned up - and that means getting rid of senile old fools and LIE-berals!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well said and you wanted tell if self about your issues in ordinary living houses?

Are you family boss? Are you gay?
Quote: Originally Posted by Tense81View Post

Well said and you wanted tell if self about your issues in ordinary living houses?

Are you family boss? Are you gay?

I offer you some advice Tense81:

First..................learn English!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Second.........................SOBER UP................................................

being SOBER will help you learn English!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Third.........................organize your thoughts and values.............................

logical thought is easier if you are NOT drugged!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fourth- have a look at the NONSENSE you posted above and see if you can come up with a COHERENT explanation ....................

IN ENGLISH......................................

of the crap you posted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you are a radical Muslim and/or a mentally challenged person then DISREGARD the above advice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Because you are DOOMED to a life of confusion and chaos regardless!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Quote: Originally Posted by TecumsehsbonesView Post

Your point being that because this one be crazy, no woman has ever been raped?

OK, thanks, Judge Camp.

My point being that all such 'crazy women' should be called out as they only harm the cause they wish to champion, Tec.
Quote: Originally Posted by TecumsehsbonesView Post

Your point being that because this one be crazy, no woman has ever been raped?

OK, thanks, Judge Camp.

The problem.......................which Tecumsehbonesforbrains is ignoring........................................

is that these crazy women are multiplying like mushrooms after a rain storm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And as we know.........................................

the crazy women and LIE-berals have taken over the arts and social studies programs at schools, colleges and universities!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Which is of course WHY the number of crazy women is increasing so rapidly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We should urge the public to be MORE RESPONSIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!

SPAY OR NEUTER your LIE-beral TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!

Here is an illustration of the level of madness that has overtaken our educational system as a result of LIE-beral political correctness and social justice insanity! With some comments of my own in brackets):

White social studies teacher ousted over slavery lesson plans to sue over reverse racism

A white Bronx social studies teacher facing termination for a controversial lesson on slavery says she is the victim of reverse-racism — and has filed a lawsuit, which her lawyer says could be worth $1 billion.

The notorious teacher’s attorney even says white teachers who work in the Bronx deserve combat pay.

The Daily News exclusively reported in February that Middle School 118 teacher Patricia Cummings singled out black students and told them to lie on the floor for a lesson on U.S. slavery — and then stepped on their backs to show them what it felt like, according to several students and one staffer.

(Hmm, it sounds Bad! IF. It is true!!!!!!!!!!!!)

The story sparked protests and reactions from an array of elected officials – but Cummings says in a Notice of Claim filed in anticipation of a lawsuit against “the city, parents, students and the media” that the account of the lesson is all wrong. She says she was the victim of reverse discrimination, defamation, negligence and other claims worth the eye-popping sum.

(Well yes- many people have become aware of the chance to punish others whom they don’t like - by making FALSE CLAIMS!! The name Jussie Smollet comes to mind as somebody whiling to lie for money! Or we could talk about the 9 year old Toronto Muslim girl who was coached by adults to claim a white man attacked her and tried to cut off her head scarf - with the alleged apparently motivated by desire to build sympathy for the Muslim community! And in these troubled times a lot of politicians would rather fire first and examine evidence MAYBE LATER!!!!!!!!!!)

Her Notice of Claim — which says she’s owed $120 million in damages — even states that the lawsuit could become a class action reverse racism suit worth upwards of $1 billion.

(If she has been falsely accused of being a Racist and been then fired for it- she is SURELY OWED cash for having her career destroyed by hateful slander!!!!!!!!!!)

“It’s a scandal,” Cummings’ attorney Tom Liotti said. “There is blatant racism and reverse discrimination in the public schools of New York City. This is why white parents do not want to send their children there.”

Liotti said its past time for the Board of Education to wake up to reverse racism.

“It’s no longer the blacks and minorities who are being discriminated against,” he said. “It is discrimination against white teachers who are making great sacrifices to be there.”

In Cummings’ version of the lesson on Jan. 9, she took advantage of a “teachable moment” after showing a five-minute clip from the movie “Freedom.”

She says she asked four student volunteers to sit close together to show the “cramped conditions” aboard a slavery ship crossing the Middle Passage.

But she denied that any child laid on the floor at any time during the demonstration and denied making any physical contact with any student.

Cummings also alleges that Education Department investigators ignored evidence and a witness who backed up her version of events.

(Oh yes- once the anti white witch hunt begins- evidence is NOT RELEVANT!!!!)

But DOE spokesman Doug Cohen said an investigation into Cummings’ actions determined she used poor judgment.

“We’ve begun the process of firing Ms. Cummings based on an investigation of this unacceptable behavior and her performance as an educator,” Cohen said. “We’ll review this baseless lawsuit.”

(One has to wonder WHY a teacher would WALK on the backs of students? In light of how DANGEROUS it has become to even TOUCH a student - which experienced teacher with any sense would ever walk on some of them?? Credibility of the accusers is a serious issue here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

The News story sparked a public outcry.

(Yes we are assured that all the usual social justice twits were loud in condemnation!! And evidence be damned! There is a white teacher to lynch!!!!!!!)

Mayor de Blasio, Councilman Jumaane Williams, other politicians and even Power 105 radio host Charlamagne Tha God all wrongly humiliated Cummings and labeled her a racist, her claims says.

“The Bronx has been described by some as a ‘war zone.’ White teachers who work there should get combat pay,” Liotti said.

“This is a case of blatant, reverse discrimination and we are going to teach the City and those responsible a lesson. This goes for Mayor de Blasio who will have to learn that his constituents are multi-ethnic, racial and religious. They include white people and dedicated teachers.”

(All of this crap sounds like a scene from the Tom Wolf book Mau Mauing the Flak Catchers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

The Notice of Claim strongly criticizes The News’ coverage of the lesson. The claim states that The News relied on the account of one student in Cummings’ class, when in fact the article quoted two different students and reported that students and a staffer described what happened.

(And did the reporter take a SHORT CUT and simply get second hand quotes from that one student -regarding what the other student and staffer might have said? Was there SLOPPY journalism here that media needs to hide? And nobody apparently interviewed the witness offered by the teacher either?????)

The DOE moved Cummings out of the classroom and into a rubber room after the incident. She says an investigation “exonerated her from the false allegations.”

But Education Department officials said Cummings received a discontinuance notice on September 17th notifying her she’d be fired in 30 days.

Cummings held a probationary position as a teacher and probationary teachers have an opportunity to present information to challenge the process during those 30 days, as well as the right to appeal.

Rev. Kevin McCall, Crisis Director for the National Action Network, said the city did the right thing in seeking to terminate Cummings.

“The Department of Education did a thorough investigation as we asked them to. This is nothing but a case of stupidity,” McCall said. “We will be sending a letter thanking the Chancellor for doing what is right.”

(Unfortunately there is serious doubt in the minds of some members of the public regarding the advisability of letting possible RACISTS publicly LYNCH a teacher!!!!!!!!)

(And as this teacher was on PROBATION - it will be common knowledge that she is VULNERABLE to criticism! There have been articles printed in the past about how teachers are PRESSURED to deal lightly with black academic standards!!!!!!
Which is why such a disproportionate number of black kids drop out of Colleges and Universities!! Because they were not HONESTLY PREPARED for the work thanks to teachers who were AFRAID to point out their faults and failings for fear of critical comment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

(And should we ask if there was not somebody in a position of authority who simply wanted another teacher candidate and chose to smear this one?? Just how much politically motivated manipulation is going on behind the scenes at our schools????)

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