Hundreds feared dead in Indonesia ferry sinking

CBC News
Fewer than 70 survivors have been found after a ship carrying about 640 passengers sank in a storm off central Java late Friday.

L Gilbert
Lemme guess, it was BC Ferries operating the vessel:
Tragedies of this sort would merit immense coverage in Canada. But we're so used to hearing of such sinkings and similar calamities like bus and train wrecks from this part of the world it doesn't really dent anymore. We just assume life is cheap there and such things commonplace. Could be us in a 100 years.
L Gilbert
Anything is possible.
I agree that we have become somewhat numbed by tragedy, but I think it's even concerning tragedies that happen in our own backyard. I quit listening to the press for the most part because of it. (Well, that and the probability that they editorialize more than report, rarely doublecheck their info, sensationalizing, and other indications of lousy newswork). An example would be a decade or so ago when that shuttle with 7 people in it blew up shortly after liftoff. A week and a half worth of front page coverage, yet the very same day a charter plane plane with 40 some odd people on it crashed killing all aboard and it only merited a small paragraph back in the 4th page or something. Friggin deplorable.