A new Pierre Trudeau is born

Pierre-Emmanuel Trudeau, grandson of former prime minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau, was born on Dec. 22, weighing seven pounds, four ounces.
Alexandre (Sacha) Trudeau says it made sense to name his new son after his father.
"It felt right," Trudeau told the Globe and Mail in a telephone interview.
Trudeau, 33, and his partner Zoe Bedos, 31, told the Globe that they are "thrilled" to be parents and plan to get married this summer.
The boy is a good sleeper, and according to his father, he is an "absolutely beautiful" baby.
The newest Trudeau shares his middle name, Emmanuel, with his father - and his initials, PET, with his grandfather.
Grandmother Margaret Trudeau is enjoying the new baby, the Globe reported, and has spent a lot of time with the couple since the baby was born.
The baby celebrated his first Christmas at the Montreal house where Pierre Elliott Trudeau lived, and which Sacha Trudeau now owns.
Pierre Elliott Trudeau died in 2000 at age 80. Sacha turned 33 on Christmas Day.
Sacha Trudeau has made a name for himself as a filmmaker who has gone to some of the world's hot spots, including Baghdad, but he told the Globe that fatherhood is "his greatest adventure yet."
With files from the Canadian Press

I say we scrap Harper right away and declare the new born King of Canada!!!

Vive le roi!!!
A dynasty would be cool. The yanks got the Kennedy's and the Bush's. Lets hope Sacha decides to run soon.

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