The RCMP is trying to figure out how a Halifax man received a message meant only for its tactical officers in Ottawa.

The man recently received a phone number on his pager. When he dialled, a recorded message said to prepare for an event on Parliament Hill that could require helmets and gas masks.

Sgt. Mark Gallagher, spokesman for the RCMP in Nova Scotia, said investigators have spoken with the man to try to determine why he received the number.

"It could be a recycled pager, it could be a number of things. We're just going to look at why someone else would have that number and why they would be paged by us," Gallagher said.

"We just want to make sure it's not going to reoccur."

RCMP said the man had been receiving messages from Mountie headquarters about twice a week since January, though he wasn't able to check them because there was no area code.

The last message, however, contained an Ottawa area code.

Gallagher said the leak doesn't pose a public security threat.

Screw making sure it doesn't happen again.... WTF were they talking about needing gas masks on Parliament Hill for?

Talk about informing the public of threats..... geez.