UAE bans Guy Fawkes mask

If you’re a member of hacking group Anonymous, it’s now illegal to show your face in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Dubai police have declared the Guy Fawkes mask, the disguise most strongly associated with Anonymous, illegal. Police issued a warning was issued to anyone considering wearing the mask ahead of the UAE’s National Day on Dec. 2. They claim it symbolizes resistance to state authority.


Daily Dot | UAE bans Guy Fawkes mask
Free Thinker
"They claim it symbolizes resistance to state authority"

No Sh*t Sherlock

^ This guy better leave town.
Just the socially backwards UAE...........of course not............

It's not only the Anonymous-affiliated whose masks will be banned. Canada's House of Commons on Wednesday approved a bill that bans people from hiding their faces at all during riots.

Violators will be facing up to 10 years in prison if convicted of covering their face during a riot or other "unlawful assembly."

Masks banned in Canadian riots, just in time for Anonymous day of action | Naked Security
If everybody knows the guys name and what he looks like, is Anonymous really the proper name for the group he heads?

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