Airport security apologizes for screening

Airport security apologizes for screening of elderly cancer survivor


An apology is on the way to an 82-year-old woman who was humiliated by a search carried out by airport workers in Calgary.
Elizabeth Strecker was flying home to Abbotsford a week ago when security officials asked her before boarding whether she was carrying any liquids or gels.
She said “No,” not thinking to mention the gel-filled bag she wears to fill the space created when she lost a breast to cancer.
Screeners, suspicious of the elderly woman, then ordered her to undergo a full-body scan. She was told to raise her arms, something she could not do because of the effects of the cancer surgery.
Crying and embarrassed, the grandmother was forced to raise her arms and is now demanding an apology.
The screeners work for the Canadian Air Transport Security Authority (CATSA). CATSA spokesman Mathieu Larocque told The Province on Friday they would be issuing an apology to Strecker.
“We will be trying to reach out to her to apologize,” said Larocque.
He said the incident is still under investigation. Somebody with a mastectomy who is elderly, he said, “has to be treated with additional sensitivity.”
Strecker’s doctor has issued her a medical certificate outlining her medical issues. She said the prospect of flying again gives her nightmares.
“We will get in touch with the passenger,” said Larocque. “We understand she did not have a pleasant experience.”

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I guess we're still living in the 1960's era of free love and zero discrimination, except the discrimination which does occur from the boomers seems to be directed towards their own kin, especially their parents and children who are first to be frisked in name of terrorist prevention.

Flying international is fine but I often feel like a concentration camp inmate whether I fly through domestic.

If the terrorists wanted to hit Canadians they would just go to the Airport, prime time, and target the 300 or so people that are always queued at the scanners.
Those grammas can be pretty shifty looking.
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In an attempt to avoid charges of discrimination, everyone gets the same treatement.

I hope I get a true Liberal game warden and or judge next year during hunting season when I have a tag for a buck and should I happen to shoot a cow, I can just tell them I didn't wish to discriminate.
.........Except!!!............(devils advocate)...............some nasty lil ol terrist could pack a bag full of that explosive that molds easily, next to their body where a medically required bag would be carried. The airport security, not wanting their names in any more papers, lets them onto the plane, and........kerblam.........chalk one up for El Kaboom!

Could happen........just sayin.
lone wolf
Some cleverly sneaky folk disguise themselves as seniors....

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