Biggest full moon of the year

Tonight's full Moon is the biggest of the year, as much as 14% wider and 30% brighter than lesser Moons earlier in 2008. An astronomer would say this is a "perigee Moon" because it occurs at perigee, the side of the Moon's elliptical orbit closest to Earth. Go outside tonight and soak up some moonlight. There'll be plenty of it (if it's not all cloudy )
My fingers will be crossed for you Hermite, so you are able to see the full moon.

I have tonight off, so I will check it out for sure.
Unfortunately, we will likely have a thick layer of dripping cloud between us and that bright full moon. I've been an amateur astronomer for thirty odd years and on the west coast the biggest frustration is cloud cover.
Just what I need.... extra light for hot tubbing. Sheesh. I glow as it is! More light means more glowing Karrie. lol.
lone wolf
No clouds predicted here ... and the last couple of evenings have had a lovely phosphorescent green quality to them.

Hmmm ... maybe there's some truth to that green cheese legend, huh?
"... a lovely phosphorescent green quality to them."

That's probably just all the copper in the air there

The moon WAS fantastic. So big. And the shadows it cast on the snow were just stunning. Wish I was a better night photographer, coulda got some pretty pictures.
Quote: Originally Posted by karrie View Post

Just what I need.... extra light for hot tubbing. Sheesh. I glow as it is! More light means more glowing Karrie. lol.

I know. But you can't have a tan in December. I was glowing last night too.

Besides, it accentuates the important parts.
It was pretty cloudy here, so I only got to catch a glimpse of it. And what a glimpse it was. I noticed a spot of light shining on my kitchen floor, so I went to my back door, opened it, and took a look skywards. There were clouds everywhere, except for this one hole, and that hole happened to be underneath where the moon was situated(well, that's what it looked like from my angle). The way the moon looked through that hole was amazing, especially with the way the light danced off the ground due to the moving clouds.

I really wish I had a camera as I would have loved to have taken a picture.

Thanks again for the reminder hermite, otherwise I would probably have missed it.

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