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BC Bob
Why is the canadian culture section of this site so dead compared to the rest? i recently abandoned a site with a nice pro-canadian section but the one here doesnt seem to be popular, whats up guys?? we should start to get out and promote canadian culture and chat about our country more often!

Reverend Blair
So post some stuff, Bob. We'll join in.
We could always talk about the great Mr.Dressup & Friendly Giant shows Tommy Hunter & Don Messer's Jubilee? Or "This Hour Has 7 Days"..easly the best variety series the CBC has ever produced.
Reverend Blair
I wanna know why the friendly giant was allowed to hold a talking chicken hostage in a book bag for all those years.

Also, do ya think the creators of children's shows smoke a lot of dope, or do they just have better dope?

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