Fired Nova Scotia woman 'not black enough' for co-worker's liking

Rachel Brothers wins human rights case for wrongful firing

Woman gets $11K in wrongful dismissal case against N.S. Black Educators Association

An employee of the Black Educators Association was discriminated against, in part, because of the colour of her skin, a human rights board of inquiry has determined.

Rachel Brothers filed a human rights complaint in 2008, claiming she was wrongfully fired from her position in 2006 as a regional educator with the association because of "discrimination based on age, race and colour," according to a news release.

Donald Murray, chair of the Nova Scotia Human Rights Commission, said Brothers was "undermined by association staff whose 'colourist thinking' and behaviour created a toxic work environment at the head office in Halifax and the Annapolis Valley regional office in Kentville, where Ms. Brothers was employed as a regional educator."

The woman named in the report for discriminating against Brothers was Catherine Collier. According to the report, Collier and Brothers were up for the same regional educator job, a job which Brothers landed.

"It is clear to me that Ms. Brothers was undermined in part because she was younger than, and not as black as, Ms. Collier thought Ms. Brothers should be," said Murray in his report.

"In Ms. Collier's eyes, Ms. Brothers was not really black enough."

The association has been ordered to pay Brothers $11,000, plus interest, for general damages and lost income.

Murray said colourist thinking suggests that access to jobs and opportunities will increase the closer a person's skin tone is to white, while the potential for discrimination increases for those who are darker or visibly black.

"This decision addresses an important human rights issue," said Tracey Williams, director and CEO of the commission. "The commission needs to explore this sensitive subject to better understand its impact and identify ways we can be of assistance."
The Black Educators Association was founded in 1969 to help African Nova Scotian communities develop strategies toward an equitable education system.

Rachel Brothers wins human rights case for wrongful firing - Nova Scotia - CBC News
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Don't they hire "token whities"?
I don,t pay much attention to NS politics, there,s always something stupid going on, I get the Comical Herald every day for the comics and the puzzle and the bird likes it too. That,s a Halifax paper, the capital city, haven,t been there for years

This is odd too

Nova Scotia takes possession of Bluenose II as province ...

Nova Scotia takes possession of Bluenose II as province ...
Nova Scotia takes possession of Bluenose II as province mulls recovering costs
Jul 28, 2014 - HALIFAX - The Nova Scotia government formally took possession of the ... it has undergone a restoration marked by delays and cost overruns.

It,s broken already, of course it hasn,t existed since it sank and broke up off Barbados er somewhere down their where they trade drugs for fish, itès insane expense, the dime cost us nothing, no we had to have an expensive boat

necro shipwreck

the 2042 rebuild will cripple us

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