Brad Wall says small carbon levy might help get Keystone XL approval

A modest levy on the oil-and-gas sector might help secure Washington's support for the Keystone XL pipeline, Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall said during a trip to the U.S. capital Wednesday.

But he stressed that any such penalty had better be small.

Wall pointed to Alberta's initial $15-a-tonne levy on greenhouse gas emissions as an example. The amount is deemed insignificant by environmentalists and Alberta's own provincial government has signalled a willingness to nearly triple the fee.

But Wall said he'd view that amount as a guideline, if the federal government winds up imposing oil-and-gas regulations in conjunction with the U.S. He said he'd hope that any Canada-U.S. deal on emissions targets would allow provinces to set their own fee.

"I think the price wouldn't be that different from what Alberta has done. I think you start slow," Wall told a group of Canadian journalists at a round-table discussion.

"I think you start slow and see what impact it has on the economy... I don't think you want to kneecap your economy with a carbon tax."


Brad Wall says small carbon levy might help get Keystone XL approval - Politics - CBC News
Free Thinker
Saskatchewan has a bigger oil sands deposit that Alberta so he is only looking at his bottom line
A few well-placed bribes'd work even better. It's even legal. Just call 'em "campaign contributions" and run 'em through a U.S. subsidiary, and you're good.

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